1. A

    roboforex use VDP plogin

    When the Roboforex broker identifies a profitable trader on the trades of that run VDP plogin on his trades to make him call margin. Early in my registration with the broker, I did not see any delay in opening trades, but after a few lucrative trades, Roboforex run VDP plogin in my trades And...
  2. R

    What do you dislike most about MT4?

    MT4 is the most popular trading platform among retail traders and every forex broker offers it as demand is high. I think it is not a bad platform (depending on how you modified it), but there are things that should be improved, at least in my opinion. One of my biggest problems is navigation...
  3. P

    VIRTUAL DEALER PLUGIN (VDP) by Tools4Brokers

    I thought the MT4 and MT4 VDP were products of Boston Technologies since 2006 or earlier, but Boston Technologies is listed among the clients of Tools4Brokers founded in 2009. Their Facebook page says: 'Tools for Brokers is a company has been developing software for the brokerage companies on...
  4. S

    Problem IFC Markets become a scam

    I start trading with them a few weeks ago, using an expert advisor created by me. I opened an account, a microaccount infect, to see how is going. After 3 weeks the account balance was $5003 so, based on their Terms of business, trading was disabled. Condition to reenable trading was to...
  5. Pharaoh

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin

    IKON GM Nailed by the NFA for Using a Virtual Dealer Plugin by Pharaoh Just when I thought I had my writing addiction cured As infuriated as I am and the CFTC and NFA for some of their incredibly moronic new regulations, this time I have to deeply thank the NFA for watching out for forex...
  6. H

    Virtual Dealer Plugin

    The Virtual Dealer Plugin, by MetaQuotes (producer of the MetaTrader platform) is a nasty piece of software. It is used to intentionally delay traders' orders, in order to induce slippage. If the slippage is in the trader's favor, the trader's order is executed at the requested price instead of...
  7. J

    Fraud or not: metatrader 4 virtual dealer plugin Boston Technologies

    Hi folks came across this piece of supposed software by MetaQuotes and Boston Technologies. Boston Technology software but rate it... Does anyone know anything about it? Here are two links... http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=70582 http://www.metatrader4.com/forum/13219...