1. Y

    Vortexassets Limited Scam

    Hello Sir/Madam, This is to bring your immediate attention to one of the trading company named Vortex Asset. I invested into Vortex asset group on 15th December 2016 by transferring US$50k (US$ 15k through 3 credit cards payment and US$ 35k on 23rd December 2016 through bank telegraphic...
  2. J

    Vortex Assets Stole Millions in South-East Asia!

    Vortex Assets have wiped out the accounts of some 200 investors, predominantly in Singapore and Malaysia! Even after investors united and issued a legal letter for the Vortex villains to cease trading on Monday, to spite us, they continued to trade and ignored out demands until our accounts...
  3. S

    Vortex Assets

    Hello Sir/Madam, This is to bring your immediate attention to one of the trading company named Vortex Asset. I become part of Vortex asset group in January by transferring 10K USD to become a member. As per agreement /document they will execute the trade on my account and they will charge the...
  4. S

    VortexAssets Corporation

    I and approximately 50 other people from South Africa had been scammed by VortexAssets Corporation. None of the members were able to draw monies/profits and we also found that trading was either done to lose monies or done recklessly. Although some of us still have profits in our accounts we...
  5. J

    Vortex Assets won't pay me

    I have spent 10 weeks trying to get this company to close my VTX Premium Account and return my money to me (since mid-December, 2016). VTX is their high-earning account offered to Singapore investors, of whom there are quite a few. In turn, they kept telling me (and numerous others) they are...
  6. J

    Resolved - Vortex Assets

    Hi everyone and thank you for reading my post. In May 2016 I came to know of an investment opportunity with EU Trading Company through a presentation I attended in Singapore. Knowing a few people who had invested with them and were getting good returns, I invested USD $25,000 with the company...
  7. manlee

    Vortex Assets SCAM ALERT!

    Looks, who is on the move... I received latest information from my close friends who were approached by Eu Trading Group's agent, now they have changed their name to Vortex Assets https://www.vortexassets.com as their broker and VTX Premium as their manager. Same group of people name Mr. Dean...