1. thomassup

    Is is worth having a VPS

    Hi, was wondering is a VPS worth all that you have to go through to get it? FPA Forums Team Note: This thread is for discussing the merits of having or not having a VPS. This is a non-commercial folder, so any discussions about specific VPS companies do not belong here. If anyone wants to...
  2. Robot4Trade.com


    The simplest way for beginners + BEST TIPS! Installing an EA on MetaTrader 4 (MT4): 0. MUST Protect your Trading --> https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/94887 Download the EA: Download the EA file (usually with a .ex4 or .mq4 extension) from a reliable source. Locate the "Experts"...
  3. A

    Searching Free VPS

    Do you know reliable websites offer free VPS?
  4. unknwmm

    New Forex Stuff The Best and Valuable VPS MALAYSIA

  5. MetaBeep

    New Forex Stuff MetaBeep.com Remote Monitoring Tool

    MetaBeep is a monitoring tool for discerning algorithmic traders. It alerts you when your Virtual Private Server (VPS), Expert Advisor (EA) or MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is down. It also alerts you of your broker's uptime and downtime, ensuring that your EA is always trading to its full...
  6. T

    Searching VPS for Backtesting?

    Anyone backtesting on VPS to get high speed tests ??
  7. hein123

    IQ Option - Blocked Account Due To Using VPS ???

    I have been trading with IQ Option for a couple of months. I did like their platform and had some luck with a couple of trades. Withdrawals went well, but then all of a sudden just when I started to make a profit I got an email saying that my account was blocked due to me using a VPS. I do...
  8. hasanazis

    Searching How to choose good VPS?

    Hello, I'm plan to use Trading System on VPS. Unfortunately, I cannot find information what is important to check before choose specific provider? Can someone who use VPS servers of different vendors share the experience, why preferred one provider in front of another. What are the really...
  9. mufanap

    Fx Discounts and Rebates Free Forex VPS

    FREE FOREX VPS EASYTRADERS provides traders with Expert Advisors and Virtual Private Server (VPS) for free. In order to be eligible to receive these items you need to open an account with our broker. Visit https://easytraders.co.uk/ now to open an account. EXPERT ADVISORS Equity Loss...
  10. G

    What happens to trades when mt4 goes offline

    Hello guys I am a newbie in forex trading and I have a VPS account that am using to run my mt4. Yesterday I found out the servers restarted and subsequently the MT4 application went offline. Luckily I had no positions open but am afraid if that happens with open positions, TP or SL will not be...
  11. TradingFXVPS.com

    TradingFXVPS: Benefits of using VPS vs Home PC for Forex Trading

    If you have been into forex trading for a while, it is highly unlikely that you are unaware of how a lot of people make use of a reliable VPS in order to trade forex rather than using home PC. If you happen to be someone who are looking into the benefits of choosing a VPS for forex trading, then...
  12. I

    Forex Affiliate Links [SocialVPS.net] Vps starts from $5 monthly |Accept Paypal

    SocialVPS - Cheap Vps with Friendly price Starts from $5 per month / IDR 70,000 per month SocialVPS.net The Best Forex VPS Solution SocialVPS is a VPS service with good quality and friendly price. Only with Rp 70,000 /month or US$ 5/month you can get a VPS service that is designed...