we option

  1. tuyizere123

    We option is scam stay away

    My Case is:On November 2nd I deposited 1,000$ on my weoption.com trading account. After that I started trading and had some profits of about $230, when my balance reached to 1,400$ I tried to withdraw $500 on November 19th. I waited the money for about 2 weeks without success. The money wasn't...
  2. mtuoliv

    WeOption Scam Liers

    On 2015-07-17 13:19:50 I have made a deposit of $1,500 via Neteller after seeing the so called "We Trade For You" Service offered by WeOption Broker. As many scammers like WeOption do, they tried to credit my account about $400 in the First week. But from the second week they started their...