1. M

    wmtransfer , and webmoney is a scam !! avoid your money is a risk with them

    WebMoney is not a secure service they just scam me 2290 Rubles (about 50 USD) 1) I top up my webmoney purse by bank transfer, then they dont top up my purse in 3 days, when i ask them : ## How i could transfer money to purse of other owner ? they dont explain me any detail else and dont...
  2. Amin EL-HAKIM

    Deutsche Trading Scam

    Hello FPA members Long time not scammed. So here's the story. I opened an account with Deutsche Trading, an unregulated broker on 04/05/2014. Things were good, support was responsive and trading was fine. I funded over the time with the amount of 7K. Account stands profitable with a profit of...