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  1. syamfx2020

    Weekly analysis: Volatile week ahead

    The markets are expected to be extra volatile this week and the key events to watch the US Q4 GDP and U.S. Fed's two-day policy meeting, which ends on Wednesday. The investors will pay close attention to the update from Jerome Powell about the central bank’s view of the economic outlook as well...
  2. syamfx2020

    Weekly analysis: Gold, USD, EURUSD and Dow Jones

    US Dollar Index touched a new session low. GOLD price stays above $1790. EURUSD trades near the resistance. Dow Jones futures holding the gains. Read my detailed weekly analysis here- https://gulfbrokers.com/en/weekly-analysis-gold-usd-eurusd-and-dow-jones-1
  3. syamfx2020

    Weekly analysis: Gold, USD, EURUSD and Dow Jones

    After a volatile ride last week, this week the focus shifts to Central bank meetings and US inflation data. Read my weekly analysis of Gold, Dow Jones, EURUSD and US Dollar here- https://gulfbrokers.com/en/weekly-analysis-gold-usd-eurusd-and-dow-jones
  4. WaveRider

    When my weekly analysis resembles Sive's

  5. FXP_2020


    Last week’s Consumer Price Index print caught everyone by surprise – month-on-month pop of 0.9% core inflation (last time seen in 1982) was way above the consensus expectation of 0.3%. Whilst an increase in inflation has been discussed nonstop ever since the Fed announced their Average Inflation...
  6. FXP_2020

    European and U.S. GDP data published this week

    This coming week is heavy on the economic data front. Both the Boj and the Fed are publishing their monetary policy statements and interest rate decisions, on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Preliminary U.S and Euro Area first quarter GDP data will be published on Thursday and Friday, while...
  7. FXP_2020

    Infrastructure plan bullish for USD

    Joe Biden revealed the details of his US $2.25 trillion infrastructure stimulus plan last Wednesday. The key areas of interest, as expected, are modernizing infrastructure and upgrading manufacturing, research and development, as well as addressing climate change. The second plan, expected later...
  8. FXP_2020

    Never bet against America

    Warren Buffett stated ‘Never bet against America’ in his latest annual letter to shareholders. The markets seem to agree with mister Buffett – American economy has rebounded from the recession and is now on an expansionary trajectory again, with a projected growth of 6.5% in 2021. U.S. fourth...
  9. FXP_2020

    All eyes on the Fed

    The upcoming week has been highly anticipated due to the number of central bank meetings taking place. We have the Fed, Bank of England and Bank of Japan giving their projections, monetary policy statement and announcing new benchmark interest rate. Out of the three, the Fed Chair Powell’s...
  10. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 8th February

    The markets have shrugged off the recent volatility event and taken a step higher once again with S&P 500 rising 4.65%, Nasdaq-100 5.25% while Russell 2000 was up 7.7% last week. All these indexes reached another all-time-high. Risk-on sentiment has been prevailing since last week when President...
  11. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 1st February

    The major topic of last week was retail investors versus Wall Street behemoths. In this David vs Goliath fight fortunes were made and lost, causing volatility in the equity markets. VIX, also known as the Fear Index, spiked to 37.2, the highest it has been since October 2020. Retail trading...
  12. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 25th January

    The world seems to be slightly more normal and pleasantly boring now that president Biden and vice-president Harris have taken office. The inauguration ceremony took place with no major escalations as Washington D.C. and other major U.S cities were heavily guarded. Biden signed a dozen of...
  13. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 11th January

    The first week of 2021 has been anything but boring. The 2 undecided U.S Senate seats went to Democrats in Georgia Run-offs and the sitting U.S. Senate certified Joe Biden’s win. This was followed by historical pro-Trump protests in the U.S. which culminated with protesters breaching the U.S...
  14. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 14th December

    It was a big week on European data front last week as both the European Central Bank and European Council met. A number of important decisions and announcements were made that will shape Europe’s recovery in 2021. First and foremost, the ECB announced another EUR 500 billion of stimulus...
  15. syamfx2020

    Weekly Global Market Update: May 11-15

    Globally, the markets were cautious last week due to the likely collapse of phase 1 trade agreement between the US and China But, reports suggest that the meeting between officials of both countries was positive. Over the weekend China said it would continue to stimulate its economy to support...
  16. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    AUD/USD The bulls won the battle after the AUD hit 0.9287 level we re-hit the last weeks target of 0.9400 which was extended to 0.9457. There is resistance at 0.9438 the R2 level on the daily pivot points. I will be expecting to a channel to form between 0.9424 and 0.9448 briefly before a...
  17. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    I am expanding my reach and posting my analysis beyond my own forum hope you get some winning trades from my efforts AUD/USD As we expected the bearish trend rested on the 0.9342 level before making a return to the bullish trend, unfortunately this was short lived and it only hit the...