1. fullertonmarkets

    Will Powell Rescue Risk Assets This Week?

    February’s government-bond rout has rattled one of the foundations of past year’s powerful stock-market rally: Investors’ certainty that the ultralow long-term interest rates are here to stay, thus risk assets are under great pressure now. A wave of selling in the past two weeks drove the yield...
  2. FXP_2020

    Primus Weekly - 1st February

    The major topic of last week was retail investors versus Wall Street behemoths. In this David vs Goliath fight fortunes were made and lost, causing volatility in the equity markets. VIX, also known as the Fear Index, spiked to 37.2, the highest it has been since October 2020. Retail trading...
  3. fullertonmarkets

    Risk Assets Being Favoured as Betting on Economic Recovery Continues

    Investors are showing signs of increasing exuberance, reflecting optimism about a vaccine-fuelled global recovery and the changed economics of the post-coronavirus world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 1.6% for the first week of 2021, marking its fourth-straight weekly gain despite a mob...