1. ZZZoe

    U.S. release SPR, OPEC+ production increase plan unchanged, WTI down 7%

    The United States earlier announced the release of the largest strategic oil reserve in history. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies (OPEC+) adhered to the original plan to increase production slightly in May. Crude oil prices both closed lower on Thursday, and...
  2. ZZZoe

    Russia-Ukraine meeting are constructive, WTI crude oil briefly falls below the $100 mark

    Crude oil prices closed lower on Tuesday (29th), with WTI crude oil futures falling below the $100 per barrel level for the first time since mid-month, due to Russian media reports that Russian officials described the Russia-Ukraine talks as "constructive. Meanwhile, OPEC+, which includes...
  3. A

    Floating loss "transferred" to swap on WTI Oil

    Hello members, I'm trading on a demo account and decided to trade WTI CFD. The data feed from the broker is very weird and very far from the data elsewhere (on Tradingview). I went long (bad decision) and the trade's floating loss got bigger. But I was hoping that with OPEC's decision it would...
  4. N


    Hello guys, Once more I'm here to report a very serious scam, WTI - wtinvestments.com and its owner, Otiniel Ribeiro. They promised me a 20% interest rate for my initial investment of 20k usd and I had to keep my Money there for 12 months. They sent me a statement every month with my new...
  5. S

    Oil price rose to three-month highs, boosted by Middle East tensions

    Oil prices are trading at three months high on Monday after the news of U.S. airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militia group. U.S. officials said Sunday that the attacks were successful, but warned that “additional actions” may be taken to defend U.S...
  6. S


    OIL RISES AS INVESTORS AND TRADERS AWAIT THE OPEC MEETING UPDATES. Today the Energy and oil ministers from the 14-member OPEC will meet at OPEC's headquarters in Vienna. On Thursday WTI crude oil had gained 4.2% of its value after the API report revealed a greater than expected drawdown in...