1. Justice Group

    Worldwide Markets Ltd. {Investors Are Urged To File Their Complaints}

    WORLDWIDE MARKETS Ltd.) A multinational investigation is underway into the FOREX trading and business activities of WORLDWIDE MARKETS LTD. (WWM) and its various associated or subsidiary companies. A review of the company structures reveals a complex and Opaque grouping of companies sharing...
  2. C

    WWM cheat and tricks me!! No pay back my money

    I think there is a lot people using World Wide Markets with FCA license number : 604779 . They might be good in responding and processing request. But, they are not honest. I traded in this company based on guidance from my teacher . My account still have balance USD 24k+ in August. Previously...
  3. Mansour FX

    WorldWideMarkets WWM SCAM

    My Scam Case With This Damn Broker - WorldWideMarkets Last Month, WWM had stolen all my profits and closed my account for paltry and unjustified reasons, after I made some serious profits using my technique, "which shook their credibility and got sweat trickling down their cheeks". I'm now in a...