1. W

    I got SCAM from XM SECOND TIMES, i have nothing to say anymore

    Following a thorough investigation of your trading account(s) by our Compliance Department, we hereby would like to inform you that, based on a detailed review of the trading activity in your account(s) on the 10th of January, 2014, we have concluded that, due to the frequency of the alternating...
  2. M

    It's X(sca)M not XM ... !

    BEWARE ! The broker known as XM is a huge scam, the will attract you with the sugar coated things but actually there's motive is simply do not let anybody make money. I have all the proofs that they are totally wrong in my case. They are saying that I used some kind of an algorithm or expert...
  3. K

    Xm.com is scam

    they took all profite from my accounts and then disbale all accounts and then returned my initial deposite to my account they are cheaters dont trade with then
  4. S

    XM Withdrawal Rejected

    Hi My name is rohit and my account no with xm is 2146307. I made a deposit $300 via skrill from my friends account. I trade using it and make $456 Profit. When i tried to withdraw the funds the say they can't accept third party deposit. If they can't accept any third party deposits why...
  5. G

    Attention to "xm broker"

    Attention to "xm broker" This indicated it was never communicated by XM broker 1) You must close all trades before to withdrawal. Never communicated. The website is written differently From XM BROKER, email after withdraw request: We can confirm that your below request has been well...
  6. W

    XM (Trading point) scam

    Here was the problem, I open 3lot of position at 1320.31 of gold, then it go up to 1332.41 when i closed it i saw my position is profiting, but then XM closed my position at a non-existing market price (1319.16) which non the lowest or highest price of current market. I get deal with the company...
  7. A

    Xm market scamming activity

    Xm markets scammed me $120 simply because they didnt open my pending order when market gapped, I tried to get help from the support but all they telling me is that orders are processed on First Cone First Served basis yet they can't tell me why the order at 155.230 was not opened if they use...
  8. Oedipean

    RESOLVED - XM or Tradingpoint or xemarkets simply do not process withdrawal request

    I delete this because the issue is resolved , and withdrawal process completed . I might have waited more.
  9. T

    RESOLVED - @@ xemarkets company stolen 12000$ from me with evidence@ i wait help

    i put post about xemarkets company from the early morning till now nothing happened? i canot see it
  10. A

    XM.com (was Trading-Point.com, was XEMarkets.com)

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