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    Fraud alert

    I want to add 2 more forex/option brokers to fraud brokers list; 1. xpertmarket.com 2. fxntrade.com They don't want to return my money which I deposited while opening the account.
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    xpertmarket انتبهو يا شباب من شركه xpertmarket يتصل عليك شخص اسمه ابراهيم صعب ومدير حساب اسمه سامي جبران ويحكوا انهم احترافيين وووو وعند عمليه السحب انسي فلوسك
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    Closing of trading account at xpertmarket.com

    05/08/14 Sir / Madam, As a client I must have the right to close my trading account at any time and request for a full refund of the deposit balance as at the time and date of closing my account. I demanded to close my trading account ( a/c no: 6830 ) with xpert market on 24 April 2014...