1. A


    For sure you will lose your money with XTRADE within 2 days if you really have no idea about trading and to be a beginner like what happened with me. they will be so happy to deal with beginners as they are really professional to convince you to deposit more and more and more money whereas its...
  2. D

    Xtrade.com a big scam

    Xtrade a big scam.no training and no more email reply after the deposite..never ever join please, this xtrade.com unprofessional
  3. S


    Dear All , My name is Sanoj Sukumaran. One day i got a call from a trading company called Xtrade.com and they told me about the financial markets and the trading platform. They told me that Xtrade is the most trusted trading platform in the world and Football Player Cristiano Ronaldo...
  4. A

    Xtrade are scammers - Class Action being organised

    I have been scammed by Xtrade and read about many others here being scammed as well. I am organising a class action group if anyone is interested to get in touch.
  5. rajmadaher

    XTRADE SCAM £100,000 - NEED HELP

    I need help , I told them i wanted to do SHARE TRADING AND FX . Make around 1K /day max less risk Initialy i started my account with 1K But Account manager put my money in indices DAX uprise and made 20K last tuesday was very happy. She had an ITALY30 position which was losing in the morning she...