1. Scam Reporters

    Problem Exposing OptionStars Global, Cryptopoint, Safe Markets, Golden Markets, XTraderFX, 4XFX et all

    This very short thread is sort of an 'hommage' to the efforts to bring down vast cyber crime group of one Gal Barak, an Israeli scammer, whose fraud network was a part of gigantic Gery Shalone 'empire'. Besides being friends, they both share another common thing - they are now both in jail...
  2. Z

    XTrader-FX.com (formerly Cryptopoint.com)

    When searching XTraderFX.com to find any content, you must input the entire name. I've only found this recently. Previously I've typed only XTrader FX (space between 'r' and FX) or Cryptopoint. Any chance FPA would create an additional tag that links XTraderFX.com in every possible way? e.g...