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    Xtream Forex

    Hi all, I am having problem in deposit with xtream forex. The deposit is made using bitcoin. https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/1JSdYeUkmPNgAbLwuNB3TFgvBDPpsLD8ES Status shows that btc has been received since 17 June 2020. I have chatted so many times, they claim that they have not...
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    wanna register case file against xtreamforex.com

    Dear concern, This is to inform you that xtreamforex.com(grandinvesting ltd) is a great scammer. They blocked my wallet where more than 8k balance is available. I wanna file a case against the broker. Please help.
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    XtreamForex Big Scam

    xtreamforex fake broker, big scam they had taken my 3000$ about 9 months ago. for more info please contact me on skype id rsdiqbal1. plz be careful, any idea how to get my 3000$ from this scam broker? thanks