youtrade holdings

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    youtrade fx è una truffa non restituisce i soldi

    youtrade fx è una truffa non restituisce i soldi I have a Forex account (september 2013) with YouTradeFX of about $ 8900 (and two operations still open in the loss of about 600). More than a month ago I made a request through your site a couple of samples (the first in 6000 and the other 2200...
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    YouTradeFx Failed withdrawal request

    I would say , i am the new victim on the list as far as YOU TRADE FX IS CONCERNED . They are a bunch of heartless , confidence tricksters .After convincing me to fund my account with my hard earned money of about 30k euros which amounted to 40k plus in my account number 106377 , they decided to...
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    Managed account opened by YouTradeFX (=YouTrade Holdings) without previous signature of a Power of A

    Hello, I have been a YouTradeFX (= YouTrade Holdings Limited) client for 2 years using their service of "managed account". Before to let one of their traders manage manually my account (without using an automatic / robot or Expert Adviser-based service), I gave them an oral (by phone) and...