1. R

    Resolved - Youtradefx - Withdrawal?!?!?

    Does anyone know anything about youtradefx? I made some money with the company and I issued a withdrawal request yesterday and they promised to get the money within 5 days. Has anyone had any experience with them at all? Have you ever withdrawn money from this company before?!?!?!
  2. J

    Youtradefx CANCELLED my profits!!!!!SCAM ALERT.

    I, Jayaprasad(Account # 116711) was a regular trader with Youtradefx I have quiet a bit to complain about Youtradefx.My request for payouts has not been complied with and I am told by the company that my hard earned trading profits,after taking much risks, have been declared illegal !!! and...
  3. J


    Youtradefx cancelled my earned trading profits. I was a regular trader with Youtradefx (Account # 116711) I have quiet a bit to complain about Youtradefx.My request for payouts has not been complied with and I am told by the company that my hard earned trading profits,after taking much risks...
  4. A

    YoutradeFx withdrawals denied!

    Dear All, I have dealt with the company youtradefx since 6 months and , I have asked is withdrawn on 12.20.2012 until now dragging their heels, and recent of them by account manager that I can not withdraw profits, not even the capital of the matter is clarified and the problem. Note...
  5. A

    Resolved | You Trade FX issues

    I opened account with You Trade FX and I made profit then they earsed the profits. I hope you will find solution for me. Best Regards, Amr Enany
  6. N

    Youtrade are swindlers

    Hello, My name is Roman Nebelenchuk. I want to declare that Youtrade are swindlers, and to buttress up the words by facts and proofs. I have started to work with them on May, 5th 2011. And beginning with 100$. At first all was well. To develop quickly, for me it was very hard. About two...
  7. N công ty lừa đảo - is defrawd (to swindle) công ty lừa đảo - is defrawd (to swindle) công ty lừa đảo - is defrawd (to swindle).......................................................
  8. A

    youtradefx scammed me

    my withdrawal from the broker youtradefx has been pending sice 5 years, could you help me?
  9. F

    YouTradeFX YouTrade Holdings Limited - withdraw money problem

    Withdrawal requests, e-mails and calls are not answered. I opened a account to run a robot. But as I saw, the robot is not good for my profile and my amount money. I don´t know why, but the manager (Luisana Cordoba) decided to open two accounts (321412,331472), one with US$500 and other with...
  10. R

    Youtradefx SCAM - Please Help

    I´m Youtradefx Client since 2011. Since there i have made some trades and withdraws without any problem. However, in last year the difficults to speak with my manager account began. And in the last year, they change few times (Felipe Zica, Sandro Silva, Carlos Mafra, Renata Brandão and the last...
  11. A

    YoutradeFX is SCAM ( BE WARNED)

  12. M


    On 18th May 2015 I filled out a withdrawal request form and tried to get hold of them to verify some details I had filled in and if it was correct. My account manager contacted me and tried to give me reasons to carry on trading, I told him the reasons why I was withdrawing my funds and it had...
  13. Pharaoh

    SunbirdFx and YouTradeFx- What's the real relationship?

    I think this issue deserves its own thread. Let's look at what's been said so far. November 2014: February 2015: May 2015: Ron, I think either you are lying to me or your bosses are lying to you. Allow me to verify the Whois information showing being under...
  14. A

    YoutradeFX - SCAM

    I want to warn everybody about youtradefx. It is a scam company, not regulated. They are very kind at the begining and give you good advices, but when you want to withdraw your account, there is a big problem. They ignore the withraw request and and ask you to trade more until the withdraw will...
  15. J

    No Payments from YTFX

    HI there Account number = 173184 My friend whats to withdraw his money, its just 84$ but he is already waiting for more then 4 weeks now. My friend is deaf so: I have called his account manager and talked about issue and said My friend withdrew $84 and later that day it was canceled...
  16. A

    Please help: YouTradeFX (YTFX) SCAMMED ME

    I had used YTFX for over two years. It had been taken over by AVA trade last year and then back to the name You Trade FX later, but trading system never changed. And now they are not responding my request of withdrawal. Called many times and forwarded then hung, or email without reply...
  17. Y

    SunbirdFX not allowing withdrawal and avoiding emails or calls.

    I have been trying for about 4 months already to retrieve my funds from SunbirdFX with absolutely no success to date (29 April 2015). Two days ago I received a call from a "Daniel Colin" telling me that YoutradeFX has bought out SunbirdFX and as such my account will be moved over to YoutradeFX...
  18. F

    YouTradeFx Withdrawal request refused

    Hello! everybody, Can somebody help me. you trade refused my withdrawal request.
  19. D

    You trade fx no me devuelve mi dinero

    You trade fx no me devuelve mi dinero Estoy escribiendo este mensaje a ver si alguien me puede ayudar. En fine s de diciembre abri una cuenta en You Trade Fx. Obtuve una ganancia y pedi para levantar mi dinero, pero hasta ahora no me lo han devuelto y en esto ando hace mas de 2 mses. Habrá...
  20. K

    YOU TRADER FX stole my money

    HI my name is kryalan Sundurm. I have been trying to get my money back from you trade fx as they seem to be a bogus compnay. I have got 874.46 usd. My accounts manager at you trader FX is and AlexK@ytfx.coml. They both have decided to ignore me even when i email them. All i...