1. M

    YouTradeFx problems

    لقد اخدو مالي ولا يريدون ارجاعهرقم حسابي معهم هو 314979 كيف نشكو بهم نصب youtradefx رقم هاتفي الخاص لمن اراد ان يساعدني0034631636349 وانظرو صفحتها على الفايس ستجدون الاهوال و اكتب على جوجل وانظر للمصيبة انهم نصابة اخي يجب ان نتواصل بيننا لنعمل شيء رقم هاتفي 0034631636349 اولا نفضحهم على...
  2. LeoJ

    help! still haven't give me my money.

    i have just been told about FPA site to make sure that the company i'm going to invest in is not listed here as scam. I'm very thankful to be part of this forum. I have been scammed twice by capitaloneforex and now by youtradefx but still i'm hoping to get back my money, i'm a newbie in this...
  3. blackwarrior

    nrgbinary=youtradefx=titantrade=alfatrade=nordex.. .

    The truth behind nrgbinary The company is founded by guy galbois,the biggest israeli scammer,who was the owner of 4XP,and fxgtrade,in this thread,I will provide all secrets about these companies.
  4. M

    No withdrawal from YoutradeFx

    Hello, I try get withdraw my money from my account. They should do that in 5 working days. Today it's 8 days ago when I ask for withdrawal. No contact possible. After a few attempts I got someone on the and they say they should pay me back after a confirmation. It's still...
  5. J

    youtradefx refuse to give money back

    youtrade fx are thieves. Refuse to witdawal money.Be aware .Only way to inform authorities
  6. J

    I have problem to withdraw funds from youtradeFX

    It is impossible to withdraw money .
  7. D

    Youtradefx wont allow me to close one trades

    I have an account with youtradefx. Initially it was a managed account. I watched as the account was dwindling, until I got pissed off and took over the account. currently, i have some open trades that are against me. Attempt to close them was denied. I got "Invalid Volume" error. Attempt...
  8. J

    Youtrade Honest??

    YouTrade is very efficient on taking yout money but it never comes back. My Withdraw was approved on 23th of September 14 but has never been payed. No answers to mails, no acknowledge. This is stealing.
  9. Master Yoda is off line

    Now I am not sure if they being struck off or it's just a temporary shut down. I do hope they will vanish from this world and never come back to this business anymore. They owe many people lots of money. They must pay for what they have done.
  10. J

    Resolved - YouTradeFX versus JohanL66 Withdrawal Problems

    Hi My name is Johan My acc: 170462 I have make a withdrawal request 4 months ago and got allot of excuses I send some emails to all the staff but no replay's No phone calls answering and the account manager also don't answering my emails He make FX signals send this to all the people in...
  11. R

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX I have an account at youtradeFX and want to withdraw my money, but no one answered. I have also wrote an e-mail to JLogger, but he didn´t answer, too. Please help! My account is 191597 and the funds are around 11.800 USD.
  12. T

    youtrade fx è una truffa non restituisce i soldi

    youtrade fx è una truffa non restituisce i soldi I have a Forex account (september 2013) with YouTradeFX of about $ 8900 (and two operations still open in the loss of about 600). More than a month ago I made a request through your site a couple of samples (the first in 6000 and the other 2200...
  13. K

    youtradefx disabled my account

    i used to have an account with youtradefx and i made several withdrawal requests with no reply i tried to contact my account manager nasser el sayegh but he is always not answering my emails or even phone calls i tried to contact his manager nada farah and jonathan l as you requested but always...
  14. H

    Youtradefx is scam

    How know about Youtradefx?Are they Scam?They don't want to pay my money for about to months now.what can I do?
  15. C

    YouTradeFX disabled account

    youtradeFX hat mein Konto mit beträchtlichem Guthaben einfach deaktiviert, sodass ich mich nicht einmal mehr einloggen kann.Daher kann ich mein Guthaben auch nicht mehr abziehen.Trotz zahlreicher Versuche, telefonisch, per mail und über den livechat in Kontakt zu treten, fühlt sich niemand...
  16. H don't transfer my money for almost a month

    I wanted to withdrawal my amount on 13/05/2014 15,323$ by transfering the amount to my bank BANK ALJAZIRA in Saudi Arabia . I waited for two weeks but nothing happend then I sent an email to Mr. Jawad Alali asking him about the issue he said the amount has been send to your account go to your...
  17. M

    ytfx Scammed me!!

    From: To: Subject: Marlo Wagdy (urgent) Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 17:46:07 +0200 Dear Mr. Jonathan, I read from FPA that you can help me in withdrawing my money. Briefly I asked to withdraw my money since 6 of may the amount is 1023$ my account...
  18. B

    Youtradefx withdraw

    I requested a withdraw to Youtradefx about 2 months and half ago. My account manager answers me he is soleciting his administration to send my bank transfer but nothing happens. My account number is 150962. I sent 4 mails to Jonathan but till now I have no answer. I don't know how I can do...
  19. D

    dcalog's problem with YouTradeFx

    I asked the company youtradeFX a bank transfer over three weeks ago, but my money is still in its bank. My Account Manager Angelo Benedetti and the people of the various offices to which I address through email and telephone assert that there will be delays because of too many requests for...
  20. N

    YOUTRADEFX.COM is a scam broker !

    I have deposit 800 USD and trade with this broker about 10 weeks, In the march 28 , I have closed all the orders, the loatting order is zero,and I sent the request to withdraw 4131 USD, that is 800 $ I have deposit and 3331 $ frofit I have traded in 10 weeks. But in april 1st,YTFX modify 2 old...