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    Youtradefx Withdrawal problem

    I requested a withdrawal on February 26, 2014 and it has not been processed and it has been over a month. The last response I received from the company was on March 13, 2014. attached is a copy of my e-mail and their last response.
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    Traders scammed by brokers, legal help for you available.

    Hi, I have been scammed by 4xP and Youtradefx and I'm in contact with an expert in the markets who can help scammed traders through a group of lawyers already prepared on this matter. There is no money to pay at the beginning, 12% is asked when you receive the money back. If you are interested...
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    YouTradeFx Withdrawal

    I requested a withdrawal from account no. 164235 on 15 November 2013. They have made numerous promises to refund $ 3678.45 but to no avail.The message on the account shows that it has been refunded but I did not receive the funds. Please advise on my next course of action?
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    YoutradeFX closed my account and disappeared with $100.000,00 Help!

    I start to trade forex with youtradefx in beggining of 02/2014 with a initial deposit of $17000 usd. First strange thing happened, when I was with positions opened with fixed spread, and suddenly the positions chenged the spread, doing a loss in equity, so I reported Renata Brandao that is my...
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    YOUTRADEFX Unpaid Withdrawal

    I would like to add my voice to the many complaints about I opened an account with them in June 2013. I made my first withdrawal request in July 2013 and it took 6 weeks to be processed. I made another withdrawal request 2 weeks ago and it has not been processed. All contact with...
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    YoutradeFX took my money from my account

    My account number is 147275. My contact in Youtrade was a Ruben Marcos. After some time doing trading, I told Ruben Marcos that I had to go inactive for some months for personal reasons that I explained to him at the moment, and even wrote to him saying the same thing. Two weeks ago I decided...
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    Youtradefx scam company

    youtradefc sacm. withdrawal issue i am asim account number in youtradefx is 18824.since 14-01-2014 i send so many emails regarding my withraw but they are not replying.its a scam company.
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    Big scam youtradefx, ran away from india

    I am Satish Kumar Agarwala from INDIA. My mt4 account is 130964 Youtardefx has disabled my account and took my 1000$ from this account. I want them to eneble my account or else process my withdraw asap. Or else i will file court case in FPA as well i will contact Cyprus Sec. Be aware from...
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    withdrawal problem youtradefx

    My MT4 account number is 131099 This is cheater company..they freezed my account and dont allow withdrawal i want my 1000 usd back me FPA
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    Scam scam scam youtradefx

    I am sandipa kumar agarwalla from orissa...My account number is 131087 The company is paying back my money and not replying any emails for enabling account also. I want my 1000 USD back to skrill. Or else i will ask skrill for refund. Help me FPA. People beware of this scam comapny
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    Youtradefx SCAM of the Year

    I am Surendra Nath Karan from Khurda, India My youtradefx account number is 131120 My account is disabled by youtradefx and they are nt enabling my account nor giving my funds back. I want the help FPA. Please guide me getting my 1000 USD investment.
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    Youtardefx scammerssss

    My name is pramila swain. I am Bhubaneswar,India. My account number in youtradefx is 134402. I had done deposit of 1000 USD thr skrill in Aug 2012 and i was trading fine, Suddenly in late oct, they disabled my account and not responding my emails since then. I want my 1000 USD back. Help me FPA.
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    Youtradefx you cheaters, return my money

    I am amita mohapatra from india account number 130963 My account is disabled since Oct end..i tried a lot to get my account enabled,but all results to failure Then i came to know about the FPA and they are helping people to get their rights...So hope i get my 1000 USD investment back.
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    I am Prafulla Kumar Senapati from India My Trading account number is 146844 I was having 1000 usd deposit in my account and suddenly account got disabled,till now no response to enable the account as well no withdraw has been processed. I have provided my details again to Mr George. Let's see...
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    Youtrade FX is a scam

    I am trying to withdraw 23 ths USD from my account in Romania, it's been 14 days and I haven't received it. I have been several times to their "commercial point" in Gh Manu Street no 10, it is fake, it is YT Global Management operating there and they say they can do nothing about my money and I...
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    youtradefx withadraw problem

    i made an withdraw request from youtradefx to my webmoney purse on 29th jan 2014 amount of 375 usd,2 weeks complted still no update of withadrw,when i contact my account manager and delaing room they replied me withadrw will be processed in 5 business days,not still there was no replys from...
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    I have 5008 usd in my youtradefx account and are 4 mounth that i try to withdrawalmy money. the withdrawal was denied a lot of times. could you help me to recover money? i sent a lot of mail but no reply from youtradefx. thank you very much. i hope to recover my money with forexpeacearmy. my...
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    Resolved - Youtradefx stay away from this scam company

    Hello This is Prabat Kumar Senapati. My account number is 146629 I had invested 1000 usd via skrill a year ago. I was trading good And all of a sudden they stopped everything like withdrawal,MT4 and contact. I want my investment back or i want my account enable. Till this company does nt...
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    youtradefx withdrawal problem

    my name is Asim Ali. same withdrawal problem like others. No response when ask about withdrawal Asim Ali
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    Lawyers can help you with Youtraderfx SCAM

    Last year, in 2013, June we had contacted several customers of Youtraderfx because they no received the money they had in the account after many attempts to get the money , not getting . In September 2013 , we began investigating Youtraderfx and talked to the FSA in England, ASIC in Australia...