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    Youtradefx Some months ago I opened an account with Youtradefx. When i decided to close it I found it not possible because they simply do not reply to my request. They keep my money and I feel being scammed. Any advice apropos?
  2. S

    youTradeFX is unidirectional money flow(no withdraw for clients)

    hi guys I opened account with this company with 1000$ as initial , after hearing the advises from my account manager , who was pushing on me to make further deposits , because all they care about is to pull up money from you as much as they can , and every account manger in this firm is...
  3. P

    YoutradeFx is SCAM !! Stole my money !

    This is to inform that YoutradeFx is a scam company. Two days ago they take my money out of my account. I send them several emails to get my money back but they ignore all of my requests. As well, I sent a complaint email to Michael M [ ], informing him about the whole...
  4. S Payout Problems

    I didnt found any agreement with youtradfx, but im tiered of discussing them any longer. Anybody should check any Broker first before investing with them, thats it.
  5. A

    RESOLVED - YouTradeFX Alert

    Can anyone who believes they were working with an FSA or FCA authorized company located in the UK, and sent their money under that pretext, please contact me directly. The FCA would like to hear from you and they have asked me to gather any information for them that I can. I can be reached via...
  6. N

    UNDECIDED Case# 2013-075 | nick007 vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Buongiorno, nel Dicembre 2011 sono stato contattato da un manager della YoutradeFx e più precisamente dal sig. Daniele Rosati, dopo una serie di mail e telefonate ci accordiamo per l'...
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    YoutradeFx truffa perché non mi restituisce il mio capitale

    d Buongiorno, nel Dicembre 2011 sono stato contattato da un manager della YoutradeFx e piÃṗ precisamente dal sig. Daniele Rosati, dopo una serie di mail e telefonate ci accordiamo per l' apertura di un conto reale Forex con la sua societÃ* ( YoutradeFx per l' appunto ), con un versamento...
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    Resolved - affiliate issue

    Moderation Note: Thomas Ewing contact FPA HQ and reports this issue to be 100% resolved. The FPA is glad that this issue has been completely taken care of. I have been reffering people to youtradefx for a while I never had any problems with payments and my comission was even increased over...
  9. Master Yoda

    YouTradeFX is StartForex

    Background: Start Forex was closed and ranked as a scam, the FPA has blacklisted this broker as well, at the same time the FPA is currently working with to examine what the connections are and are not between YouTradeFx and StartForex. Many people claimed these are the same...
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    RESOLVED - YouTradeFX You Trade FX SCAM Alert

    We opened an account with YouTradeFX in November 2012 with $510,000. Ari Staro was our account manager. We have NEVER traded with them as they were unable to manage our options trade that we were seeking to do, so in January 2013 we requested to have our funds returned to us. The first...
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    Broker youtradefx estafa

    Hello I am a client called brocker YoutradeFX based and London,regulated by the FSC,FSA,ASIC,CNMV..... Returns application dated 29-01-2013 15:38 money. I urgently need the money and I would not return. Today no money, no explanations, no shame, no nothing. Companies of this type...
  12. K

    Youtradefx and youtradefx Affiliate are Scams

    Youtradefx is a big scam they have refused to pay my commission after 5months stating that they don't pay hedged position yet i had all confirmation they are going to send the money.It all saarted after my client made comission for me worth over $10,000 later youtrade told me there was an error...
  13. D

    Resolved - YouTradeFx affiliate payments

    YouTradeFX are scams. They do not pay for Affiliate I am very sad to know that companies are scams. I and my client had lost a lot of money Affiliate 20814 Here is the proof that they did not pay me. Earning Date Amount Type Trader ID 11/27/2012 $250 CPA 146119 10/30/2012 $250 CPA 143094...
  14. R

    youtradefx ((withdrawel problem))

    My story with youtradefx: the Account was opened with the YOUTRADEFX Company on 26-6-2012 and I trade about 4 month and i losses a lot of money ..... and then I start trading and I Compensate most of my loss…the problem started when I made a withdrawal request on 18-10-2012 worth 35,000 from...
  15. E

    Youtradefx fraud and scam, closed out $125,000 account because of unreal spreads that never occurred

    I opened an account with youtradefx and had some bad trades that I take responsibility for. My account was low and I kept depositing more funds because I was not gonna have my account closed out. On Christmas Eve close, my margin level was perfect and everything was good I was surprised that on...
  16. V

    RESOLVED - YouTradeFx problem

    YouTradeFX not pay me.I hope my suggestions for do I know YouTradeFX to the scammers?
  17. Y

    YoutradeFX is scam!

    YoutradeFX is scam! I bet everyone knows it already, but let me tell you, they are frauds not only in forex trades but with their business associates as well! we were doing website promotion for them and didn't get paid. we had to read about them before to start working. do not repeat our...
  18. J


    I am also having trouble withdrawing money from YouTradeFX. The last contact I had was a guy named FELIPE ZICA, but the call dropped and I had no more contact. already sent over 5 emails to, and and had no response. already complete 2 months and...
  19. E

    Resolved - YouTradeFX witdrawal problem

    I don't read review of this broker on FPA broker review before depositing money with them, they are a many case of withdrawal problem. This happen to me when I request to withdraw my money from them, they promise in email it only took 3 days to process, but since my request at September 13...
  20. G trading at

    El dia 10 de octubre de 2012 Ã\u0083©l abierto la cuenta numero 141354 en la empresa Forex Trading Online, Online Forex Trading, Forex Trading System, esto por recomendacion del seÃ\u0083\\u0083Ã\u0082±o Luis Jimenez quien tiene la pagina CONTACTANOS -                                         ...