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    Big scam - youtradefx

    After several problems with the broker YouTradeFX from bad swaps charged, the delays in opening and closing operations, delays in payments. This last situation very serious and that hurt so all our customers and our personal accounts, was a strategy mounted by the broker no room for doubt to...
  2. L

    Resolved | YouTradeFX Withdrawal Issue..!!!!

    I have traded with YTFX for about 4 months. Everything was fine until I had a medical emergency and needed to withdraw my money. I made my request, filled out the paperwork and provided all the documentation they requested. Here is their reply: Dear Lewis Fulkerson Your withdrawal...
  3. Y


    I will mention the whole story for our problem with youtradfx within few days, as of now I am still in negotiation with them, but I will be posting later the problem and how they have solved it if they do so.
  4. AsstModerator

    YouTradeFx | A new company or a recycled one?

    I spent some time thinking about where to put this thread. If I put it anywhere under the Traders Court, that would seem like an assumption of guilt. It's not a "is this company better than that company", so it doesn't belong under company comparisons and competitions. Since it is going to...
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    Youtradefx - Resolved

    Moderation Note: The FPA is happy to see that this issue has been successfully resolved. We wish to thank Michael Mimouni for his efforts to fix the issues reported by pcguy007. This broker is a total scam, please stay away from them. I opened my account and funded it with $100 to test...
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