1. R

    Youtradefx SCAM - Please Help

    I´m Youtradefx Client since 2011. Since there i have made some trades and withdraws without any problem. However, in last year the difficults to speak with my manager account began. And in the last year, they change few times (Felipe Zica, Sandro Silva, Carlos Mafra, Renata Brandão and the last...
  2. A

    youtradefx scam

    my account number with youtradefx 319315 withdrawal reference number 2842880 i requested for withdrawal for over 3 weeks now, have been following up with calls (unanswerable) and emails no reply. Any time i get a support agent to pick calls when ever i mention withdrawal as my issue they cut...
  3. K

    Youtradefx How many months they take for withdrawals?

    I requested my withdrawals more than a month account number is 159187. They said under the process,but after that,their office closed more than two weeks now. I can't contact them by email,phone,online chat.they shut down all method to contact them. I asked their adress before,but they...
  4. Pharaoh

    SunbirdFx and YouTradeFx- What's the real relationship?

    I think this issue deserves its own thread. Let's look at what's been said so far. November 2014: February 2015: May 2015: Ron, I think either you are lying to me or your bosses are lying to you. Allow me to verify the Whois information showing being under...
  5. A

    YoutradeFX - SCAM

    I want to warn everybody about youtradefx. It is a scam company, not regulated. They are very kind at the begining and give you good advices, but when you want to withdraw your account, there is a big problem. They ignore the withraw request and and ask you to trade more until the withdraw will...
  6. A

    Please help: YouTradeFX (YTFX) SCAMMED ME

    I had used YTFX for over two years. It had been taken over by AVA trade last year and then back to the name You Trade FX later, but trading system never changed. And now they are not responding my request of withdrawal. Called many times and forwarded then hung, or email without reply...
  7. R

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX I have an account at youtradeFX and want to withdraw my money, but no one answered. I have also wrote an e-mail to JLogger, but he didn´t answer, too. Please help! My account is 191597 and the funds are around 11.800 USD.
  8. LeoJ

    help! still haven't give me my money.

    i have just been told about FPA site to make sure that the company i'm going to invest in is not listed here as scam. I'm very thankful to be part of this forum. I have been scammed twice by capitaloneforex and now by youtradefx but still i'm hoping to get back my money, i'm a newbie in this...
  9. J

    youtradefx refuse to give money back

    youtrade fx are thieves. Refuse to witdawal money.Be aware .Only way to inform authorities
  10. AsstModerator

    YouTradeFx Breaks Too Many Promises and Makes Too Few Payments To Clients

    YouTradeFx Breaks Too Many Promises and Makes Too Few Payments To Clients YouTradeFx has been on the FPA's radar screen for a long time. Recently, things went completely out of control. First, a little history. The FPA became aware that YouTradeFx had some connections to the...
  11. C

    YouTradeFx is a cheated and a fraud company. Stay away from this company

    I am Charulataben Mer from India My a/c no is : 170725 & name in this a/c is Charulata Mer. My son a/c no is : 167162 & name in this a/c is Vijit Mer & another My son a/c no is : 167789 & name in this a/c is Raviprakash Mer. Find the attachment of my 3 a/c Screen Shot. That screen...
  12. D

    Youtradefx wont allow me to close one trades

    I have an account with youtradefx. Initially it was a managed account. I watched as the account was dwindling, until I got pissed off and took over the account. currently, i have some open trades that are against me. Attempt to close them was denied. I got "Invalid Volume" error. Attempt...
  13. C

    YouTradeFX disabled account

    youtradeFX hat mein Konto mit beträchtlichem Guthaben einfach deaktiviert, sodass ich mich nicht einmal mehr einloggen kann.Daher kann ich mein Guthaben auch nicht mehr abziehen.Trotz zahlreicher Versuche, telefonisch, per mail und über den livechat in Kontakt zu treten, fühlt sich niemand...
  14. J

    Youtrade Honest??

    YouTrade is very efficient on taking yout money but it never comes back. My Withdraw was approved on 23th of September 14 but has never been payed. No answers to mails, no acknowledge. This is stealing.
  15. S Payout Problems

    I didnt found any agreement with youtradfx, but im tiered of discussing them any longer. Anybody should check any Broker first before investing with them, thats it.
  16. H don't transfer my money for almost a month

    I wanted to withdrawal my amount on 13/05/2014 15,323$ by transfering the amount to my bank BANK ALJAZIRA in Saudi Arabia . I waited for two weeks but nothing happend then I sent an email to Mr. Jawad Alali asking him about the issue he said the amount has been send to your account go to your...
  17. momen1962

    Problem youtradefx stolen my money

    hello sir my name momen Mohamed eldawy, from Egypt. am youtradefx customer I have account 124342 since may 2012 I turn my account to ecn Islamic at the end of last august. to avoid the SWAP, dealing desk problems at the first week of October they email me,they have new rules for Islamic...
  18. M

    ytfx Scammed me!!

    From: To: Subject: Marlo Wagdy (urgent) Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 17:46:07 +0200 Dear Mr. Jonathan, I read from FPA that you can help me in withdrawing my money. Briefly I asked to withdraw my money since 6 of may the amount is 1023$ my account...
  19. R

    youtradefx not responding to withdrawal request

    Hi all Youtradefx is not responding to the withdrawal request I have submitted 3 weeks ago (12 November). My account is with You Trade Holdings Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, with company registration number 1539926. I do not know yet if this...
  20. A

    Youtradefx scam

    Youtradefx scam Buongiorno, ho un problema con la società youtradefx. Non riesco a prelevare i miei soldi, gli account manager non rispondono alle mail. Chi mi può aiutare?