yunma tianlong

  1. Happylatte


    Scam forex brokerage: on wikiFX - rating below 2 (should have understand the significance of NFA license, and avoided this scam) Spot gold trading via MT5 Target audience chinese speaking individuals. Method: pay 8000USD/day to prominent influencers on Twitter, Facebook...
  2. P

    SELECT GLOBAL PARTNERS LIMITED IS A SCAM!!( Mafia Yunma Tianlong across Shazhupan)

    The broker: select global partners limited( ) is same broker scam like flyinghummingbird, effortwe365 and the actual and steady168!!( ) belonging at the same time the great mafia Yunma Tianlong from China across the scammers Shazhupan!! Always the...
  3. The Punisher

    Problem Yunma Tianlong Scam (Director Exposed - MKJ Global, East-Century, ETHBTCforex, Allbright, Aglance and several others)

    There are enough threads on FPA about scam brokers being ran by Yunma Tianlong that it's time to have a designated thread about this company. I am not aware of an actual fake broker by the name of Yunma however Yunma Tianlong is listed as a Director and/or Secretary Company for all of the scam...