1. D

    Zulutrade scam and trade manipulation forex signal provider

    Hello guys i am making this post to warn people who are planning to use zulutrade as a signal providers and a signal followers. I signed up on zulutrade as a signal provider and successfully managed to get in the top 30 in the rank, it was a long road to get there and i managed to reach it with...
  2. Etedus12

    ZuluTrade affiliate program - review of pros/cons

    I have a few questions regarding zulutrade affiliate program, but I will start with the background. For the past month, I slowly analyzed affiliates programs of the forex brokers. I chased many different options. As it seemed to me each broker has almost the same structure of the affiliates...
  3. R

    Zulutrade - SIGNAL PROVIDER Fake

    Zulutrade limit the 15 open orders + 15 limit orders with 15 seond interval per day. But some signals HAVE OPENED 1032 ORDERS at SAME TIME. (same minute, second, day,...). This hurts all of us that we are sending signals at much longer. And it creates a false sense of security to the client...
  4. Dr.amr4ever

    Zulutrade Affiliates scam

    Dear Trades, I have opened affiliate account with zulutrade (dramr4ever.zulutrade.com) then referred my friend to them and he started trading i got commission of 244 USD then requested payment on 1/11/2015 -- 1st/November/2015. According to their affiliate guide payment process should take about...
  5. vontogr

    Zulutrade problems

    Guys, Zulutrade does not trade about their users at all. See below. info: Please wait for an Operator to respond.info: You are now chatting with 'Dimitris'Dimitris: Welcome to ZuluTrade Online Support Service. My name is Dimitris. How may I assist you please?Dimitris: Helloyou: I sent message...
  6. S

    zulutrade is it a scam?

    Please let anybody(signal provider in zulutrade) who didn't get payment and was cheated by zulutrade write to me! Thank you
  7. F

    ZuluTrade and AAAFx is scam

    I just set up and account with AAAFx and link it to ZuluTrade for auto-trading to follow their signal provide. One day I saw three trades open with about 60pips profit each, then I click the update button the three trades all disappear without a trace left in the history. I call up the online...
  8. muplayer2000

    Zulutrade Scam signal provider commissions over 6 month no payment

    This is my personal story when i had used zulutrade as a signal provider , they have never paid me my commissions and i do sincerely believe the majority of signal providers do not get paid point blank. Used other investor account with othersimilar services and always got paid within the time...
  9. O

    zulutrade scam!!!

    zulutrade scam!!! i am zulutrade signal provider named as WISE TRADER i did request my money (zulutrade charges 2 pips from the trader 0.5 is for the signal provider 0.5 is for the affiliate and 1 pip for zulutrade) i did request 3 month ago my money, but after 3 weeks it was canceled saying...
  10. Z

    Zulutrade = SCAM

    I know that this subject has been discussed alot. But the slippage and disconnection are real. Its like two parties are working against you , your broker and ZULU technical problems. Before I joined ZULU ,I emailed the support adn posted in the forum and asked if I may encounter slippage or...
  11. hotsmart

    Resolved - Zulutrade Affiliation Program

    Hi Guys, I joined Zulutrade earlier this year. My account manager from AAAfx of course suggested that I join the affiliate program and then get some friends and family to join Zulutrade as a way to supplement my monthly income. I have since gathered a few followers and made great commissions...