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Discuss 10-minute-forex-wealth-builder.com (Dean Saunders)

General discussions of a financial company
What minimum deposit do they require

I'm also curious on this one, does anybody know ?

Best Regards,
Matt Jones
current and previous users

I purchased the 10 minute forex wealth builder and looked at a lot of different pairs and saw few setups regarding his breakout system and several I found were losers or the trade would not have executed. Am I missing something? I spent several hours setting up the charts and was not impressed looking back at the history of his 8 pairs for breakout and 11 for swing trading. The pin bar has similiar failure rate. It looks like to me finding the ideal set up is very tough.

Please let me know your experiences!
Can I?

pls can anybody give me the system to test cos i av been hearing about it since last year but very afraid of it bcos of what others are saying about it.pls can u send it to my mail:wahaab55@yahoo.com.?hope to hear 4rm u soon.pls iam new hear.
Amazes Me

Maybe there is an exception occasionally, but why don't obviously intelligent people not understand the logic involved with any type of "money making system"?

All of these marketers/salespeople make their riches by selling you their "system" of getting rich. Now tell me, if you found out an incredible new Forex "system", or even any kind of monetary gain method, that was filling your pockets with wads of cash, would you halt that business and start selling everything you found out for $99 or even $999 to the unsuspecting public?

If you said yes, then you are beyond help. The answer is "of course not," you would use your knowledge to rake in additional millions. Some of them charge a really high price because of two reasons, they make more money, and to convince you that the method is so worth it, that selling it any lower would lose its credibility.

Just like with the "stats proof" on Clickbank Sales Pages, the owner shows you a picture of him banging his girlfriend on the shores of Hawaii, all because of the money he made, even showing you a snapshot of his CB earnings. Well, guess what? Those earnings are from selling you the system, not him using his own methods to rake in the cash.

If a product, system, or method is for real, then the creator shouldn't be making his money on the product, but the opportunity.

Amazes me that so many people can't put 2 and 2 together with stuff like that.
could use some advice

I have read most of the reviews regarding 10MFWB and LMT and I'm left confused. It worked out for some but not for the others? probably due to different trading strategies and external factors.

I am relatively new to fx trading, heck I haven't even started with a demo account but, I am eager to learn. Could these system truly gain u profits? or atleast teach a grunt like me to have a tiny piece of the $2T/day pie.

fx core, please advice me on this..