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1000 Companies available for review - and we have t-shirts

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by AsstModerator, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Today is another glorious day in the history of the Forex Peace Army's reviews. The FPA already had the largest collection of human-edited forex reviews on the internet, and today the the 1000th company was added to the list. There are currently a total of 12,444 reviews on the site.

    The 1000th FPA review page is...

    FeelTheFX.com Review Page

    Even better - This company is run by a member of the FPA and provides free forex signals. Yes, someday he'll probably charge for the signals, but this is our big chance try out his signals for free.

    As part of our celebration of this occasion, a couple of days ago, the Administrator rolled out

    Forex Peace Army Outfitters

    Hurry up and get your very own limited edition* Official FPA stuff. There are T-Shirts, hats, stickers, and more.

    *Limited to the quantities that people will buy

    For those who are new to FPA's reviews, here are the categories with links to each area.

    Forex Brokers - if you aren't sure what these are, you may be reading the wrong forum.

    Forex Signals - includes email/text signals and trading rooms.

    Forex Software - Trading systems where they sell EA's or indicators.

    Forex Education - Any sort of forex training. Also includes trading systems that are sold without software.

    Managed Accounts - Companies that trade forex for you.

    Forex Forums - Like where you are now. Places for people to talk about forex online.

    All Non-Broker - This is just every company listed under Forex Signals, Forex Software, Forex Education, Managed Accounts and Forex Forums.

    All Services - All companies from all categories.

    Each page is sorted by number of reviews by default. There are controls rear the top of the Ratings column that will let you change the sort order to sort by Service Name, Rating, Number of Reviews, or Last Updated.

    Some companies are listed in more than one category. We try only to list the primary businesses that a company does. Most brokerages offer at least a small amount of forex education and many have their own forums. The education and forums at most brokerages are not the main focus of their business, so they aren't listed under Forex Education or Forex Forums.

    If you are looking for a company in FPA's reviews and can't find it, please check the All Services category first before submitting a new site. Transferring a review from one page to another is complicated and requires help from the programming team. If you submit a review using the Submit a Site button and that company is already listed in the FPA's reviews, your review will be deleted. Please only use the Submit a Site button for companies you are sure do not already have an FPA review page. If you do need to use the Submit a Site button, please change to the correct category first. This will make life easier on the Review Moderation Team and will make things go faster.

    If you want to ask questions about a company or talk about it instead of leaving a review, there is the Forex Services Discussions Area of the FPA Forums. If a company isn't listed in the Discussions Area, there's a Requests thread as the first post in each category.

    The FPA encourages all of its members to leave reviews for the companies and products they've got experience with. You can increase the chances of your review surviving the moderation process by reading some of the advice here...


    And my personal favorite. This is where I get to have fun with some very unusual reviews...


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