Robert Weld

I too was lured into buying the 1000 pipe per month also known as (autofxfiringpin software name). I tried it for 2 months on demo and realized that no way would it produce 1000 pips a month as advertized. I began the difficult process of "TRYING" to get a refund from this vendor (Group Three LLC.) Even tho they give 6 month 100% money back guarantee be aware that if you use a credit card as most of us do, there is a clause on the back of your credit card that states you have only 60 days to resolve that dispute. So if you waited for the 6 months to recover your money your screwed. Anyway I now find myself fighting my credit card company who is asking for unreasonable requirements to get my money back. I want to thank you members who listed their complaints here so I can show the credit card co. I'm not the only one un-satisfied with this product. Buyer be ware... this is a system that doesn't produce 1000 pips (11 loses 3 wins) and you'll have one heck of a time getting your money back. Burnt to a Crisp.
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