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MAX Trading System

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Suppose you wanted to play a professional sport. Imagine your family income depended on your performance. You’d want to become the best athlete possible.

Would you hire a coach?

Ideally, you’d want someone with a LIFETIME of experience in competing--and winning--to train you.

More than 4 years -- that's how long it's been since our MAX Trading coach had a losing day. Of course, there have been losing trades, but no losing days. That's because our winners far outweigh the losers. This is exactly the kind of trader you want as your coach, and you'll love learning from him.

(If any trading system claims no losing trades, run away quickly.)

Reliable Trend Trades Every Day
  • Powerful trading system to capture current market moves.
  • Learn from the best mentor!
  • Free seat to watch our charts in a live-trading session
  • Buy low and sell high CONSISTENTLY
  • Be sure to check out our 4.7 star rating!
Grab the MAX Primer Course at an "FPA-only Discount." For this special offer, you get the best in authentic trading education for just $49. That's a huge 85% discount for FPA members! And at no additional expense, we give you all the indicators and templates for MAX Primer.

Enroll Here for $49

Why such a low tuition fee? Because we know the world of trading has more than its share of scammers, thieves, and liars. This offer is designed to make it easy for you to experience our training, get to know the MAX Team, learn the system and make your own judgment.

This is the ideal time to get a proven system and take charge of your income. We are in our 14th year of trading this reliable system, and have trained more than 2000 traders. See how sweet trend trading can be when you have the right system and a great coach. You'll be learning how to capture great trades with the help of our best indicators...here's a look:

MAX Companion FPA.jpg

What have you got to lose? Nothing! We provide a 60-day complete money-back guarantee. For 60 days, you can get a full, no-questions-asked refund.

Enjoy complete flexibility in your training -- join us for the live webinar training beginning the 9th of September, or get started now and study entirely by video. Either way, you get to stay in contact with your MAX Instructor by email, and after your training you get free ongoing support in the private MAX Trading Forum. Plus, at least twice every month, you'll be invited to attend a free 2-hour trading workshop to keep your skills sharp and learn more from our pro traders!

Here's what you get with this special FPA offer:

8 Hours of detailed professional training
Indicators and templates included
Access to class webinars and videos
Interaction with your Instructor
Personalized tips and suggestions
Access to 2 weekend trading workshops every month
Membership in the private MAX Trading Forum

Enroll Here for $49

Be well and stay safe!

The MAX Trading Team
Craig, Chris, Eusebio
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Terrific deal, signed up immediately. But still have no email confirmation except my Paypal receipt. Still no access to site or content. Perhaps tomorrow?
Terrific deal, signed up immediately. But still have no email confirmation except my Paypal receipt. Still no access to site or content. Perhaps tomorrow?
Hi, and welcome to MAX Trading! Your payment arrived after midnight EDT, so I did not see it until I arrived at the office this morning. My emails are not automated...always personal. Apologies for the delay, and you should have received a rather long info email from me several minutes ago. If not, please contact me and I will be glad to resend it.

All the best,
Yes, seems a good deal so I also signed up, via Paypal. Normally when buying s/w thru Paypal one receives a link immediately, giving access to the s/w. Your personal email is a nice touch but being limited to business hours it delays the s/w download, and also seems very "olde worlde " oriented. Might a suggest you implement a facility to immediately provide the download link, then send the more personalised email next business day.
You are absolutely right -- MAX does not do things in the usual way. Personally, I think that is a big part of why we have been in business for 14 years and maintained a 4.7 Star rating. Thanks for the suggestion, and I will give it consideration. However, MAX Trading is not limited to business hours and you will receive information shortly. If you do not have info by email within 10 minutes, please check junk/spam and notify me if you need me to re-send it. Welcome aboard!
Has anybody on here done this and care to share some reviews??
Hi Jimmy,
I've been trading for over 10 years, and have taken all the courses offered by the Max. Worth every penny. My first course was in 2013.
I've also taken several courses before and after the Max. Rest assured that these guys are the real deal! You can read about 10 pages worth of great Max reviews here at FPA (www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/5183/www.maxtradingsystem.com). That's about 12 years of positive reviews (not many other system can claim this feat).
The Max has evolved in these years, and continues to evolve and adapt to new market conditions. I wish I could write a review that could express how highly I think of Max system and the people responsible for them today (Eusebio, Chris and Craig), but as an engineer by training I'm not a very good writer. I'm however, very good with numbers, and numbers don't lie. I'm at a point that I'm consistently having profitable trading days because of the knowledge and support of the Max. I'm very thankful for that.
Has anybody on here done this and care to share some reviews??
Hey Jimmy
I did my first MAX course in 2013 after being shown some client's screen shots by a broker employee' I have since done all the levels of the MAX Trading System.
Each of us as traders have a personal journey but what I can say is that the aims and philosophy that the MAX teaches are second to none in my humble opinion. I have been trading since 1997, Internet was a new thing and charts were hand drawn. Obviously things progress until 2013 when I was looking for a more structured approach to trading having already spent a fair bit on courses and ideas some of which were sort of ok but really I was still looking for order and structure, Well I found all that in the MAX.
The big wake up was Risk Management. Protecting one's capital is paramount yet not at the expense of earing pips. Overnight success is not guaranteed but study and attention to detail bring their rewards.
MAX support is simply amazing. Free sessions - depending on your level of involvement - are held most weekends. There are introductory webinars from time to time and if you want to dip you toe in, MAX Primer is a great entry level course. Personally I went to MAX Standard from the outset.
You can also go to this link and see an interview by Global Prime with MAX Trading's foremost educator Eusebio Nanni

What else to say except that I have enjoyed my MAX journey, still learning, and a totally sold out MAX SAM fan.
Can thoroughly recommend the MAX trading System.
Personally I never used any trading courses but I see by the comments that this is a legitimate option and will be sure to recommend it to some of my friends that are looking to get into trading atm!
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