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Problem 1LOTSTP is a scam Company?

I am having an issue with a company


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I have read good reviews about this company in some of the threads! Although my personal Experience tells my otherwise! I traded with the company and gained money inside my account. I then made a withdrawal request to get my profits and I received an email from them telling me that my account is been suspended for 3 months as my account is suspect for arbitrage?!!!!
I opened a ticket in their support to ask them how is my account an arbitrage suspect?! I made high risk trades and gained! I studied in the internet to find out how I could even be one, and learned about the trick for the bonus! But this is not my case! According to their term and conditions any withdraw I would have made I would lose the bonus! So why would I arbitraging the bonus if I would leave approximately 40% of my total equity inside the account to keep on trading?!!!! This is just an excuse on their end so that they would not give me my profits!! There is no point of me keeping money in to trade if I am abusing!!! I just used the high leverage that they gave me to open the trades! I had also trades with 200 or even more PIPS to hit my stop/loss!! There is no reply from them on my ticket which I opened on the 28th of October and they state that it will take 24-72 hours for a reply, and still nothing! I tried the live chat and they told me that they will get back to me..
I deposited through my Credit Card.
Yes I have made a review against them. Tried to contact them in numerous ways without any reply from their end. Nothing from their End!!
Sorry to hear that.
This one rang alarm bells with me, they seems to have a few sites:


seemingly starting with numbers to reach the top of alphabetical lists..?
I had a feeling they had all these sites so that when one gets a bad rep, they continue with the others. Doesn't quite make sense but no one on chat could give me a good reason for having them all.
Did you managed to get your initial deposit out? How much was in deposit vs. the profits you've made?
I have not received anything! I deposited 2,500 and gained approximately 11,000!!!
They replied to my ticket today telling me that It has been sent to the Legal department and it will take 3 months to be resolved(something that they already said) and also that they really understand how furstrating this might be!!!
Did you managed to get your initial deposit out? How much was in deposit vs. the profits you've made?

These guys are really clever. They came back to me responding to my ticket that they could either check my Account and evaluate it if I was arbitraging the bonus I could even lose my initial deposit, or they could give me my initial deposit and close my account!!!
Nice way to blackmail your customers to lose their profits without any harm done to their company!!!
Rational, law abiding brokers that catch traders using arbitrage return the initial deposit and close the account.

Get screenshots of everything. Run an MT4 statement and save that too.
I keep sending them support ticket and all being deleted !!!! I have the prove. None of the staff even bother to come out and explain what happened. Like what other forex brokers do. This is the worst it can get. Even nevis government. Police department, Interpol, whatever about nevis and fxsystems had disappear. I begin to wonder does nevis are a real city or not.!
I have the same problem with 1pipfix too ask me to wait 90 days and 90days is up now. I send support tickets to them and it just get deleted . I send again asking about my account status. And get deleted again! Scam company !