1pipfix withdrawal problem


Im with them for about a year. At first it was cool. I make some money and withdraw it together with my starting capital plus some of my profit out smoothly. I'm trading with my earnings now. That's when the problem came. I'm unable with withdraw anything from them. I have about 10k with them in real cash! They say my accounts are underinvestation bull ****. Up to 90 days! What is that. When I ask what is it all about, they just ignore me! I.m very frustrated with them. Anyone could help me?
Send a message to every email address you have for 1PipFix. Invite them to join this thread and explain how an investigation could take so long.
It's a non regulated company, there is nothing much to do except filing a court case here in FPA and demand what you deserve
is there any way that i can sue or take legal action against them? i believe a lot of people have been scam by them and if all of the victims get together may be we could sue them? anyone please help.! i really need my money. On their official website they did say they are regulated by nevis financial services regulations and supervision department with reg. number c39195. Could that be fake too?
1pipfix is a member of the FXSYSTEMS group comprising of about 5 brokerages. I am currently having a similar withdrawal problem with one of their brokers LOYAL FOREX. They give excuses upon excuses on live chat and hardly ever answer their mails or support tickets. The last they told me was that their withdrawal page was under construction and i should check back this week. I wondered how a company could be making changes and not bother to inform their clients by email. I believe these guys are up to no good.
When talking to their customer service it's just like talking to Siri. Keep getting the standard text book reply! When asked to speak to my account manager, they just said manager only can be reached using email or support ticket. The impression is that its like everyone is behind the back office counting money only. And don't want to bother about their client.

Now they are offering 100% bonus on new deposit. Start scamming again! Be careful
Could be fake, could be real. If it's real, Nevis isn't exactly much of a regulator. Still, if you don't complain to the regulators in Nevis, then you've got no right to complaint if they don't do anything.

Have you invited 1PipFix to join this discussion thread?
I deposit using credit card. I have not invite them to the forum yet. And I doubt they just ignore the invitation. Even their reply to my support ticket is just a few simple words. Unlike some other brokers who's reply a lot with a lot of excuses and explanation.

To me they just ignored completely to my request. All I wanna know is what happen of what fault did I commit to get my account flagged and landed up on their legal department. I asked for the contact of their legal department was not given yet. Waiting for their reply to my ticket .