2010 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the Year Winners


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2010 Non-Broker
Forex Scam of the Year Winners

I'm pleased that there were fewer non-broker scams in 2010 than in 2009. This let me present them all in one group instead of being in different categories. The top 3 vote getters span the major categories.

In third place, for selling a free EA without permission of the author, is USDBot.

In second place, one of the longest running HYIPS finally ran off with the money. This award goes to Panamoney.

In first place is a very special scammer, Danny Wall. He's reported to have claimed that the only reason the FPA hasn't been sued out of existence is because it's offshore. The FPA is headquartered in Los Angeles and Danny Wall knows it. He'll never sue, since that would require him to testify about his "guaranteed" managed forex trading pools that never bother to pay out the money owed to clients. The only guarantee with this scammer is that you'll never see your money again.

The 2010 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the Year Award goes to Danny's company...

aka 4 Squared Analytics

The authorities are gathering more and more information on Danny. Like many FPA members, I look forward to hearing about Danny Wall's arrest and conviction.

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he is a scum bag

i hope they nail this guy to the cross, he scammed money out of me and two others i know. im sure there are many, just hope he gets what he deserves.:mad:


Danny Wall, Danny Wall , Have a good time behind the wall :) ... in 4 scuared room of course ha-he-he-heh


Private, 1st Class
There is no one more deserving of this dubious honor! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.


Hard to believe this scam artist is still trolling for victims. He scammed my wife’s small business by posing as a database developer. He is likely now in Las Vegas or the San Diego area where he continues to con landlords who let him move in without a deposit then take months to kick him out. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Financial Crimes Unit.