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2011 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the Year Winners

Discussion in 'Forex Scams of the Year' started by AsstModerator, May 14, 2012.

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    2011 Non-Broker
    Forex Scam of the Year Winners

    Only 3 non-brokers got a Scam Finding in 2011. The votes have been counted and it's time to announce the winners.

    There's a tie for 2nd place. CDHForex.com and RedUluru.com got the same number of votes. The people behind CDH Forex are facing CFTC charges. The false advertising campaign on Red Uluru's website continues.

    First place goes to a very special man and his company. He's been permanently barred from NFA membership. He's been busted by the FBI and CFTC for using client money for casino gambing. He's accused of sending completely fictional account statements to clients. The 2011 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the year goes to...

    aka Green Tree Capital and Lyndon Parrilla

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