2012 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Winners

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2012 Forex Broker
Scam of the Year Winners

There were 4 forex brokers that earned FPA Scam Findings in 2012. The votes of FPA members have been counted and it's time to announce the winners.

In 4th place, for admitting they owed a trader money, demanding an apology, getting it, and then failing to pay the money owed, Forex-Age.com

In 3rd place, for managing to deceive the NFA while making around $200 million disappear, PFGBest.com/PFGForex.com

In 2nd place, for an assortment of trader complaints, including the UFX Kiss of Death trades, UFXMarkets.com/UFXBank.com

First place is reserved for the worst of the worst. In this case, there's no contest about who that is. In first place is a very special person and his newest company. This despicable person stole large amounts of money from those who had accounts with Prime4x while also going out of his way to prove that he is a pathological liar. He held back on one trader's money even after the FPA repeatedly informed him that the trader desperately needed the cash to pay for medical treatment for his mother. This guy didn't bother to process the withdrawal and let her die. Somehow, Cysec didn't care about his vile history of abusing traders as an unlicensed broker and let him open a new brokerage under Cysec regulation.

Abdel Rahman El Omari
and CommexTrade.com aka CommexFx.eu aka Prime4x.com

Click Here to read more about Abdel Rahman El Omari and his crimes against traders.

Abdel Rahman El Omari, you are not just a lying thief who stole from many hundreds of clients who trusted you with their money. Your refusal to lift a finger and send money owed to a trader directly contributed to the death of that trader's mother. You have earned a permanent spot as an enemy of all forex traders worldwide. When you finally end up in prison for your crimes, I will fly there to present you with your award certificate in person.

Are you tired of hearing about scam brokers? Take a break to read and share good broker experiences here.

Remember, this thread is for discussing the 2012 winners. Nominees for 2013 are done by using the Scam Alerts Folder and by filing Traders Court cases.
hello you should make a top also for the best brokers and the real good brokers and companies to avoid this scamers! I think anybody want to know how you find a good broker.
Congratulations FPA. You've done a nice work. My heart goes out to the fellow who lost his dear one due to the unresolved scam case. I'm baffled how Cysec allowed a company of that sort to open a brokerage despite the bad records.

I'll be glad if good brokers are also recognized to give them a boost in rendering quality services.

Keep it up FPA.
Fraud brokers put yur awards in yur ass, you deserve God punishment for stealing people money
The forex world will be a safer place when justice finally catches up with Omari.
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