2012 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the Year Winners


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2012 Non-Broker
Forex Scam of the Year Winners

For 2012, 4 non-brokers earned FPA Scam Findings. The votes of FPA members have been counted and it's time to announce the winners.

In 4th place, for "borrowing" the trades of commercial EAs and reselling them as signals, is Safensteadyfunds.com

In 3rd place, for blowing accounts, promising to repay losses, and the disappearing, is IFTI-Service.com

In 2nd place, for not only stealing the code of a commercial EA, but also for using that EA's activation server to validate it's own resold pirateware, is MetaiForexRobot.com and MtFxRobot.com

All 3 of the above do deserve awards, but first place has to be reserved for the worst of the worst. In this case, no one else could come close. This man is a serial scammer who will say anything to lure investots in. He opens managed accounts companies, convinces people to let him be their IB, and then churns large accounts to dust in order to make a few hundred dollars in IB commissions on the trades. He's been scamming FPA members since 2008. This is his 3rd Scam Finding. The 2012 Non-Broker Forex Scam of the year award goes to...

Rizwan Awan
of TrendsFX.com

Rizwan, please turn yourself in at the nearest Interpol HQ. Once they've decided where to incarcerate you, I'll mail your award certificate to you.

Click Here to read more about Rizwan Awan's history of Scam

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Remember, this thread is for discussing the 2012 winners. Nominees for 2013 are done by using the Scam Alerts Folder and by filing Traders Court cases.


Rizwan proves that even a lowly scammer can win an award if he just keeps trying. :p