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sonst zeigen sie dich noch an.
Momentan kann mann sogar für negativ Reviews angezeigt werden,
pass also auf was du sagst oder schreibst.
Just take it easy Speedy, Elisabeth has nothing to fear, the Cyprus Ombudsman decision is in her favor, no need for further comments :)


2nd Lieutenant

Panda Trading Systems Chosen by 24FX As Technology Provider

Rodeler Ltd. Group Chooses Panda Trading Systems to Power New FX Offering

Tel Aviv, Israel – November 18, 2014 – Panda Trading Technologies (Panda TS) the leading financial trading technology company announced today that 24FX, a division of the Rodeler Limited Group (best known for their leading binary options brokerage, 24Options.com), has chosen Panda TS as their technology vendor. Panda TS’s Panda FX e-Broker Solution – a complete solution for running online FX businesses – will power 24FX’s entire operation. Panda TS will manage all operation and trading-related systems and integrate their solutions with 24FX’s proprietary marketing systems.

Still operating in beta mode, 24FX first launched in early 2014 with a competing technology provider and has since decided to go in another direction. “The move to Panda TS is indicative of our fast-paced growth and development”, explains Richard Huntington - VP Business Development. “We’re not new at this game. We knew very well that we needed more than an off-the-shelf solution to really differentiate our offering. Panda TS was able to provide us with the exact customizations necessary to support our brand’s rapid scalability. Their proven track record and unmatched level of service and support are what make us confident in this mission-critical decision.”

“We are very happy to work with 24FX to build and support the entire operational infrastructure of this first-class brokerage,’ says Maor Lahav, Panda TS Co-Founder and COO. “As we have witnessed with the Group’s 24Options brand, brokers like 24FX, with their extensive industry knowledge and experience, set the bar higher for the industry as a whole. We’re honored and excited to help them make that happen.”

About Panda FX e-Broker Solution

Panda FX e-Broker Solution is a comprehensive, high-performance scalable eTrading solution for big and soon-to-be big online forex brokers. Panda FX e-Broker Solution has enterprise-class features and unmatched flexibility necessary to managing a forex brokerage tailored specifically to the unique needs of your business. Our customizable all-in-one platform for brokers is designed for operational automization.

About Panda Trading Systems

Panda Trading Systems (Panda TS) is a leading software development company specializing in building high-performance, cutting-edge technology for the online financial trading industry. Since 2006, Panda TS has provided many of the world’s leading online brokerages with a range of products and services specifically customized to meet their individual needs. Panda TS is best known for their unique approach to building strong partnerships with their clients. Visit www.pandats.com for more information.

Company Contact:

Panda TS, Ltd.


I hope someone post a topic comparing the fraudulent forex brokers with IS or any terrorist group.

For me both are very similar:
- they make people live in fear and panic
- they rob innocent people's money
- they destroy families
- they may capture you for something you didn't ( in forex scam you may go to jail )
- they kill innocent people ( many people died from heart attacks and hypertension
- they turn wives to widows and kids to orphans.

Guys in my case I couldn't sleep for 3 nights in row. I believe that traders need to stop and face this kind of greedy establishments.

Luckily I'm not going to trade anymore. I was bitten once and my wounds are still fresh. I learn my lesson

Sorry for going off topic



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2nd Lieutenant
Binary Options Gaming sites, Porno sites including CHILD PORNO sites, which we had even witnessed right here on FPA, scam payment/banking services, lying advertising, as well targeting of young football fans, systematically robbing of all clients……it’s a long list of criminal activities.

An incredible business model for a so called Hi Tec. start up nation.

Seems as a handful of BIMBS were allowed to destroy the country’s reputation for good.

Luckily only few members noticed the BO child porno link, very sickening, it sure had been reported to prosecutors, and been taken down.


Just take it easy Speedy, Elisabeth has nothing to fear, the Cyprus Ombudsman decision is in her favor, no need for further comments :)
As we have seen in my case a positive decision of the Ombudsman means nothing. We must make this very public and we can do it.


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As we have seen in my case a positive decision of the Ombudsman means nothing
In Elisabeth’s case, Rodeler showed at least a minimum of decency and accepted the binding rule,
so they have a month to pay her….humm…lets see


Hopefully Cysec and the Cyprus Ombudsman both take firm steps to enforce Ombudsman rulings. If they do, Cysec won't be quite such a laughingstock. If they don't, then a Cysec license will be considered to be the same as a warning label.


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Ok, understand from Elisabeth her problem is still not solved o_O

Rodeler/24option refuses to follow CySEC Ombudsman RECOMMENTATION !

“18. The decision of the Financial Ombudsman is that the complainant must be reimbursed for the amount of E50.000. In addition, it is recommended that IF reimburses the complainant for her total claim which amounts to E125.000.

meantime some information about the True Beneficial Owners, from other members, keep it updated (or in privat)


2017-06-27 17:33 GMT+02:00

Says the YouTube broadcaster that the guy Roey Hayun was convicted and detained in Israel for tax fraud, money laundering and illegal online gambling fraud, this guy escaped from Israel and went to hide to Panama, And that panama hides all the trash of financial delinquents, but this guy was also being investigated in Panama for fraud, money laundering and online betting fraud. He says that in Panama, the company of this type "Roey", cheated more Of 100 victims, with the company Financial Group.
Erez Navon is the son of an ex-president of Israel, that is why in Panama he was condemned, but he did not pay the condemnation rates and the free salio, the justice of Panama did nothing against him.
Principia Financial Group Roey Hayun, Erez Navon, Barak Afik, Leor Simcha Feder, Joseph Homsany, they are all linked to hundreds of companies, all these scammers are Israeli.
The youtube speaker shows us a document of the companies linked to Barak Afik.
Leor simcha Feder also linked to Hundreds of companies
The victims of Panama that captured invested in all these companies, without the victims knew where they invested.
Panama allows scammers to reside in their country to reinvest the money obtained through scams, back to the country of origin of the scammers, therefore the authorities of Panama are accomplices.

Further comments of those links are needed, our SP is poor
Verbrechen bleibt Verbrechen ! So wird Antisemitismus wieder angeheizt ! Alte Menschen , die keine Ahnung von der Börse haben,
werden unter den Augen und Schutz der EU, von Leuten, die im Call Center arbeiten (einfach Keiler sind und vom Traden überhaupt keine
Ahnung haben) psychisch unter Druck gesetzt. Es wird versprochen , das kein Risiko besteht und in 4 Monaten das Geld verdoppelt wird.
Ich wurde angerufen, es wurde mir Einstieg, Ausstieg und Betrag angewiesen und drücken. Es muss immer schnell gehen .
Ich hatte Angst, das ich mein ganzes Geld verlieren werde , 2x um Auszahlung gebeten. Kevin Steinweg hat mich sofort in der Früh angerufen
und mir auf meinen Skype Bildschirm gezeigt, das er Hybrid traden wird. Kevin Steinweg hat mir gezeigt, wie er von 1000 € in 1 Minute 100000€
macht. Er hat mich wieder bedrängt, das nur er für mich Geld machen kann.
Jede Woche nehmen sich alte Leute, die von Binäre Optionen Verkäufer gezwungen werden, Geld einzuzahlen und natürlich alles verlieren,
Das Leben. Niemals klärt uns auf. In der Schule müßte für das Leben unterrichtet werden und nicht Algebra.
Die Politiker, Polizei, Justiz lachen uns , die
Geschädigten, nur aus und unterstützen Geldwäsche , Online Betrüger , die nur Glückspiele betreiben. Wie kann ein Mensch im Call Center
wissen, der in 4 Tagen eingeschult ist, ob der Euro, die Aktie, Gold usw. in 60 Sekunden, 5 Minuten, 12 Stunden oder 2 Tagen fällt oder steigt.
Dieser Kevin Steinweg, Stephan Aigner (der jetzt Hacker nennt) und Markus Wendler sind der Meinung Gott zu sein , dabei sind es nur Vorspiegelung
falscher Tatsachen.
Heute weiß ich, das alles Lüge war. Roey Hayun lacht und freut sich , ohne Arbeit wieder Geld eingenommen zu haben . Ich habe mein Geld mit
Hände Arbeit und oft kniend verdient. Ich habe auch meine Steuer immer bezahlt. Muß man für Geldwäsche auch Steuer bezahlen ?
ich bin 72 Jahre, habe keinen Magen, kann nicht klar denken . 2 Jahre leide ich schon, ich will endlich meine Ruhe haben. Hat dieser
Hayun keine Mutter ?