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Witnesses confirm irregularities in Principia Financial

Testimonies of two former employees reveal the work model, the names of the investors and the measures they took to circumvent the restrictions of the SMV

Two testimonies from former employees of the investment house Principia Financial Group, to which this means of communication had access, confirm irregularities in the handling of the products offered by the company to customers. Córdoba Chen y Asociados, a plaintiff in a fraud suit against the investment house, said the two witnesses expect the Public Prosecutor's Office to admit their testimony to ratify their allegations. The firm added that it will extend the complaint to request that the company's investors be investigated.

"When the Superintendency of the Securities Market (SMV) intervened the company (Principia Financial Group) the company prohibited us from talking about binary options, they even made us erase the data of the computers, limiting ourselves to the point that we could not talk to the entity that Regulate, "said a notary on December 1, 2016, an investment account executive who has suspended his trading license since June 24, 2016 for failing to comply with the Market Law.

The worker admitted that when he entered to work as account executive of the investment house he had no experience in securities business advice. "In the company many people like me work and the products that were offered were stocks, currencies and binary options. The company offered them in Panama and other Latin American countries, "he continues in his statement before the Notary Public.


"I know that these people who manipulated customer transactions and offered opportunities apparently did not have a license," adds the witness who asked not to be publicly mentioned by name. The statement was attached to the file opened at the First Discharge Prosecutor's Office against the investment house for fraud against at least one hundred people who lost about $ 7 million, according to the law firm.




Among the arguments in support of the criminal complaint filed by the law firm Córdoba Chen y Asociados is that the company used foreign employees, without migratory permits and without employment contracts, who had no training or license to carry out their work, in A violation of article 23 of the Securities Law.

'I want to declare that they are not a serious company and in the period that the SMV was in the office sent home new employees with salaries paid for not to make statements. After the entity retired they began to work at night with the 24 option mark for fear that they would discover them. When they liquidated me they did not pay my overtime and also did not make the payment of Social Security ..., in this situation there are other employees who can declare, 'he concludes.

The testimony of the account executive coincides with that of another employee of the company, who reported irregularities. "I did not like the fact that they started to lie in the company when they went to the SMV to verify if they complied with the legal norms," said Oste worker of the company that worked in the stock department.

The employee of the stock department, who also filed in the Notarial Public Notary his testimony, said that when the SMV frequented the office he was ordered to keep the physical documents of customers in the warehouse and erase all information from the computer undue.

'When the SMV started the investigation we were moved to the technical support department. They also changed the schedule in the morning and barred us from talking about 24 Option. The department that worked binary options began to work from 4 pm to 10 pm In that time worked employees who did not have legal papers to avoid verifications, "added this worker in the stock department.

On June 23, 2016, the Office of the Fifth Discharge sent the investigation against the investment house to the First Prosecutor's Office, headed by Otilia González de Londoño, who was designated as specialized in financial, environmental and territorial crimes.

Six months later, María Eduarda Córdoba, a prosecuting attorney, said she expects the MP to fulfill her investigative role. Córdoba added that it trusts that five witnesses, two of them protected, will be allowed to present evidence, including photographs, accounts and contracts that were made with the binary product '24 Option '.

In a publication dated November 22, 2016, La Estrella de Panamá announced, according to the complainant law firm, that Roey Hayun, a stockbroker who has been detained in Israel for fraud, money laundering and for conducting an illegal network of Betting online, would be tied to the investment house. The Israeli newspaper Makor Pishon reported that Hayun is the main investor behind "24Option", a stock market that carries a high level of risk due to the possibility of losing the capital invested and that was one of the financial instruments offered by Principia Financial Group.




Before the arrest, the same model he implemented in Israel extended it to Panama, explained María Eduarda Córdoba, a lawyer who represents a group of people affected by the operations of the investment house.


Córdoba reported that behind the investment house there is a corporate structure (Equinox and PFG Panama Inc) and Israeli investors. "Principia Financial Group is nurtured by two Jewish groups," possibly linked to money laundering, Cordoba said.

The lawyer said that Erex Navon, Asaf Elblink, Asaf Elblink, Gal Vardi and Leo Feder, who functioned as administrators, were among the group of investors who supported the structure of the company.

The position of the lawyer coincides with the testimony of the account executive. The people who ran the company were not only Gal Vardi (executive director), Rafael Nieto (president), Leor Feder (operating officer), there were other foreign investors who came to verify and observe the company. We were

presented with five investors, among them, the owner of 24 Option ', said the exejecutivo of accounts.

The process in the MP, however, is stagnant, despite the evidence that has been presented, Cordoba said.

The Panama Star tried, without success, to know the status of the case in the MP. Principia Financial Group, for its part, previously said that 'the media is not the ideal forum to debate the issue'.

Hell….these links have a tendancy of disappearing :rolleyes:
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Im Zollhafen 2-4 50678Köln Deutschland
BaFIN is tolerating CRIME on behalf of its Public, hope German Police as Prosecutors will catch up, FAST !

Kevin Steinweg


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itrader.co.il is owned by an Israeli company called Gal Media Trade Ltd. Ido Fishman is the director of the company and the company is owned in trust for an unidentified owner. Until April 2013, itrader.co.il was operated by an Israel company called 24 Group Ltd., founded jointly by Ido Fishman and Lee Hayun. Lee Hayun is the wife of Roey Hayun, who is currently serving a prison sentence for money laundering and running illegal gambling establishments in Israel. He is also the founder of 24option.com. His current jail sentence is not directly connected to his binary options activity.

Hayun’s name appeared in the Panamanian press in November 2016, when the Panamanian public minister opened an inquiry into a Panamanian investment firm called “Principia Financial Group” for alleged securities violations. According to Panamanian government documents, Principia Financial Group operated a call center that was promoting the websites markets.com, traders.com and 24option.com to Spanish-speaking investors. La Estrella Panama reported in November 2016 that Roey Hayun was one of the investors in the company, and also alleged that Erez Navon, the son of Israel’s former president Yitzhak Navon, was an investor in the Principia Financial Group.


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Hello E.,
Beware of that, you need to contact the MiFID for help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markets_in_Financial_Instruments_Directive_2004
They help me get 780,000 USD from my investment with 24Option, they regulate all the firms within the European Union, best of lucks.
Contact them at international.affairs@mifidlegal.org and provide your phone number!

Mrs. E. S,
Thanks for contacting us,
Please be advised all communications should be in english -
According to our records you have a refundable balance of more than 389,457 Euros .-
We need you to send us a picture / scan of a government issued ID (license or passport) before we can provide more information about the refund process.
Joseph Holmes
IA Executive Assistant
E-mail: international.affairs@mifidlegal.org