2nd.Advice to Newbies


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Following my post,
just like to recommend to all newbie’s to read this.
I have been trading now for the last 5 month on a mini account, starting with US$ 500.
I had my ups and downs, almost lost half of my account because I was greedy and did not follow the basics. I made it up again and at the moment I am up on my account and hope to be able to keep that way. Some days I make 80 – 100 pips and on other days I only make 4 – 10 pips. May not sound big, but a few bucks every day is better the losing them in a great way.:)

As many old traders will tell you, there is no such thing as sure system. The only way to be successful is to learn and establish your own system with which you will feel good.:D
On several occasions I was ready to sign up with one of the promising automatic trading systems, but after checking and using the free demo I realized that I can do the same by following the market on a daily basis and reading the charts.

I am using the Meta 4 Trader with the 4 major pairs. However I only trade one pair at a time and follow this very carefully. I learned this the hard way. But it works. I am only using the candle chart with no indicators at all.
How do I get my tips?
I found 2 website which will give free tips and forecasts every day early in the morning and I found that these tips are 80 – 85% correct. :cute:

Conclusion: YOU too can become a successful trader if you are willing to spend the time and have patience to learn the basic, without being greedy.
AND Remember: There is no such thing as a sure system, don’t believe any of the promising advertisements.