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4hour Anchor USDCHF hrly Update

Discussion in 'Personal Trade Journals' started by kasim ijelu, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. kasim ijelu

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    Mar 11, 2009
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    to start of with there was a Bearish Gartley on the 4 Hours However, according to the 55DMA 4hr Anchor Strategy
    We have to use this as a retracement signal to go long.
    Mr price Holding support @ 0.9130 holding the Poseidon base trend line so offers in the Market being found.
    caution still watching How Mr Price reacts

    End of the European session start of US session
    Currently Mr price is a 4th wave Decline to supprt @ 0.915 with a 5th wave Rally ahead Targeting. 0.9350
    Our bias is to go long as prices are above the 55DMA 4hr Moving average
    Prices have also rallied above he 1hr 55DMA so I placed a buy at 0.91682 stop @ 0.9140
    Prices rallied but was halted by the US Consumer confidence
    which was diappointing. banked 50% Now at breakeven.
    With the 50% risk free trade i have left on.
    @ the moment I am suggesting that 38.2% will be cleared Targeting the 0.9240 and may be even higher to the back of the Andrew pichfork trend line
    4hr projection and break out. still May be this will happen who knows if the USDX index continues to post gaines then the likely hood is possiable anyway still risk free now and banked 50% so i'm happy.:)

    pls see 4 hr Anchor 5 currency update posted at the begining of every week for the weeks intraday plays

    Thank you for taking the time to read As God has MAde us Wealth and Abundant by Nature.

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