4xp forex place for my withdrawal very big problem


In July i requested the withdrawal of 1.700,00 dollars from my account.
After my request, i have called many time 4XP ITALIA and i spoken with Jacky Barilla, Marco Felici, Laura Ferri e Sara Ferrari.
Each of them promised me that my request would have been processed in a few days.
Marco Felici, Laura Ferri sent me an e-mail (June 5, June 12) and they told me that my request is in the final phase.
Near to end of june Sara Ferrari called me. She seen my review on FPA.
She explained to me the reason of delay, she asked me to write a new review and she promised me that in one week she would have solved my problem.
But Sara Ferrari haven't kept his promises !!!
After 120 days from my request, and after many e-mails, phone calls and broken promises, nothing has changed.
My money has not arrived in my bank.
Yesterday to number +39 0691717929 is only language english and not more language italian, now the client italian can't speack more with 4xp?
Now i'm very worry for my money because i need it for solve a family problem.
I hope somebody can help me.
Best regards
Vincenzo De Camillis
4xp or other person Can help me please?
I have a very bad feeling that 4XP is in the process of being shut down and taking all client money. Unless something amazing happens, they'll be getting an FPA Scam Finding next week.

If you deposited by credit card or bank wire, contact your bank immediately. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department.
Kindly, someone FPA, I can say as you say with certainty that 4XP is a scam, the way to get the money back might be much this?
Denouncing 4xp with a lawyer to the local police of the British Virgin Islands?
What do you think?
Contact the regulators in the BVI.

A lawyer could be expensive. Whether it's worth hiring one depends on how much you've lost and what the odds of a potential recovery are.