4XP SCAM - No withdraws - investigated by their Regulator


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I am an IB for the company. I have introduced a lot of clients but most of them lost their money. One of my clients Charis, managed to gain in his account. He made a withdrawal request on the 16th of July. Since then, I have tried contacting my account manager Ron Gibson without any reply! Tried emailing him numerous times as well as phoning the company and he was always in a meeting, twice on holiday, on the other line, not in the office, etc. I managed only once to speak with him, because he answered the phone as support. He gave me an excuse that the companies bank account has been frozen by authorities and they are not able to process anything. Not even withdraws! Although this is a big lie as I know for sure that they contacted a client of mine to make another deposit! They said that they will pay me back with instalments plus 11%!! I have visited FMRRC which is their regulators and it says in their website that an internal audit is being done in 4XP! I do not know how else to proceed, although their regulators state that they are accepting complaints from Monday 12th of August.
19 abril 2012 inverti en 4XP 21000$, en cuentas gestionadas y administradas por traders,estos traders me hicieron perdidas, ahora tengo solo 7781 $, y al bróker 4XP le están haciendo una auditoria......creo que el asunto es demasiado serio, el bróker 4XP tiene que cumplir los acuerdos con sus clientes.
Gracias Faraón, tu trabajo en esta pagina es muy importante, mucha gente te estará agradecida por este trabajo importante que haces, al evitar que se cometan estafas en algunos borkers de forex