4XP Where is my money???

john benamati

One month ago I gave some money to 4XP for a trading making by theirself.
I tried to open an account with no success because the copy of my credit card was not perfect (I sent 5 times with different resolution...ridiculous)...so...I closed my account and ask for my money back...

I'm still waiting my money and nobody answer to me.

Somebody can give me some information ?
How long I have to wait? This situation is ridiculous.

thank you

John Benamati
Yo AsstMod! Can you sent a note to Jayden and ask him to check this thread?
Problem Resolved

Hi Mr. Benamati,

I am deeply sorry for the delay you’ve experienced in your withdrawal process, as well as any other inconvenience that the said delay may have caused you.
That being said, I must clarify (as I already did in several e-mails that I’ve been sending to you since October 2nd when you first contacted us) that this delay was caused primarily due to the fact that, having 2 accounts in our brand, you originally made the withdrawal request precisely to the account who had NO funds, instead of the other one, which in fact had the exact Sum that you wanted to withdraw.

As you know, once this issue was explained to you, and you sent the Withdrawal request with the proper account details, the withdrawal process was successful.

Furthermore, according to our financial reports you in fact did received your money in October 20th, just one day after your claim was posted over here.

Obviously you didn’t find the time or perhaps the will to return here in order to update on the matter, but that’s beside the point – the main issue is that we managed to successfully solve your problem.

Jayden Hamilton