I scam this campany after about 8 month from cheating by it .
my story started when I opened account in another company called sunbird by deposit 1000 US then acount manager disappear suddenly
after smetimes I was called by company called fxprotrade( which it papered later that is same company 5Markets ) and the Employee said that I must deposit 1000 US in order to activate old account then I agree after several calls then he said that company will teach me in order to become professional trader
after that another employee start to manage my account and asked from me deposit 10000 US then he started trading by him self and he won in the beginning but he open deal and he started to loose and asked me to deposit 15000 US and after that all the money almost loosed then he open opposite deals to avoid complete loss of account the he said that he need me to deposit 21500 US because the market became good for us and he he can compensate the loss
after 2 month he said we loss every thing and he want me again to deposit 5000 us to help me to retake muly money
I refuse that and I complain the company bei VISA after 1 wk from this he call me again and he said ich won and my account became 58000 and I can withdrawal my money
I made withdrawal for 48000 US and after few minutes he said that company refuse to transfered the money unless I cancel the complain then I refused and after about 40 days the VISA sent results of investigation with ducuments which showed that company is 5Markets
then I asked him to resume transfer of money then he said the he will managed this but after sometime he said to me that site of company(fxprotrade.com) will be closed and if I want to get my money , I schoud transfer 5000 US
I refused and the site was closed after 1 month and untill now I didn't get the money