5star is sacm NOt giving withdrwal to my clients


please stay away scam broker 5star

My two clients deposited 6500 USD and 4000 USD with this broker
as per they mentioned on there website ( allowed all EA ) traded with them zero second scalper after make make good profit they said that our lp is not allowed us and removed all profit order ( not Negative order ) after contacting with them they adjust and give one more account with same funding and mail me for 60 seconds trade allowed then traded and made 41000 USD profit and 15000 USD profit in all trading there are 3 trade with low then 60 seconds they just banned account and now not giving any withdrawals saying that our auditor and lp is working on and we will feed back you in 5 days

first account account No - 109625
second account No - 110249
company account Manager replied skype Name- ivan.5starsfx
(any way I think in the end within 30 - 45 days they will get refund )

Now saying case is closed FPA please help i am not able to submit case on your website


Each client needs to file their own case. If it doesn't go through, take a screenshot. Most if the time, the error is because of using the improper date format.