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This is Kelvin from MyForexReport. We are a 360° forex trading review platform. We officially commenced our operation from 1st of June, we, however had been analyzing the trading community for the past 2-3 years in order to design our services in response to the needs of common traders. A trillion dollar market like Forex not having a one stop support platform is like a vogue. Throughout our R&D process, we were carefully monitored to see how we could help traders in securing their Forex investments.

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We aim to inform traders about different forex trading services such as Forex Brokers, Forex Prop Firms, and Signal Providers. We know how the service providers are performing as we have a large team of inhouse traders who are regularly placing trades with real money with different service providers. We then evaluate this large amount of data to identify its positive and negative aspects, and then post them as reviews and informational blogs for traders. Our R&SD team is still working to bring out tools that would bring a revolution to the forex trading and it’s traders and community. Our R&D team is still busy at work developing tools that will revolutionize forex trading, as well as its traders and community.

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E8 Funding Review 2022 : Read our In Depth Review

Hello, Traders

We have written a review of E8 funding, a popular prop trading firm.

Did you know that if you choose E8 Funding, you will receive 80% of your profits? They offer no minimum trading days on your evaluation and first profit-split is eligible after 8-days once funded.

This E8 review was written by industry experts with over 10 years of financial experience in stocks, commodities, Forex, CFDs, social trading, and indices.

MyForexReport can help all other traders who are looking for funding options. By applying the coupon code "MyForexReport," anyone who opens an E8 Funding account will receive a 10% discount on their initial payment.

For more details about the E8 funding fee, pros & cons, spreads, customer service, account types, etc., read our full review: