A "Domainer" threatens a lawsuit to try to hide history


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Orhan Halebic works for or owns a company which sells domain names. One of the names the company sold was FxUnit.com. FxUnit has gotten some complaints at the FPA lately.

Oh August 18th, 2017, FPA Member TheManWhoGotScammed posted an attachment in post #19 of this thread...


The post identified Orhan as the owner of FxUnit.

On September 21st, Orhan emailed the FPA's advertising department. He also send a privater conversation message to TheManWhoGotScammed asking for the post to be removed. When TheManWhoGotScammed told him that wasn't an option, Orhan used the report abuse button. He wrote...

"I'm domainer at forexdn.com and I sold a lot of domains. This guy publish my personal information from domain who is database since I was previous owner of this domain.

I sold this domain a long time ago and I don't have idea what is going on with domain.


His email messages had the same content.

"... a long time ago" is vague. An email was sent to Orhan asking him how long ago he sold the domain. He said he couldn't remember and guessed it was about 6 months ago.

Another email was sent telling him that selling it so recently meant that his name being connected to the domain was not surprising. He still wanted it taken down.

That's when I checked. Whowas records are not complete, but there is this one from May 19, 2017.


From May 19th until the post was made in August was 4 months. The new request came at about 5 months. Anyone who buys and sells domains should know that it's possible to dig up whowas information months or years later. Orhan's domain sale site has a separate category for finance domains, so he should know that he's taking a risk putting his own name on these before selling them to unknown people.

The FPA wrote back...

"We've seen information indicating that any possible transfer was less than 6 months ago.

We recommend you join the thread and give your side of the issue.

We also recommend against putting your personal name on domain registrations.

Orhan then decided that he wasn't going to waste any more of his precious time on the issue. The FPA would bend to his will, or else...

"I recommend you to remove my personal information from your website since they accuse me as scumer and I have nothing with that.
It's against law, my lawyers will take care about it if you continue to ignore my request.

I don't have time to explain people on forum that I don't have nothing with their story.

Thank you and I hope you will do right thing.

Thank you!

The FPA doesn't discuss or negotiate while under legal threat. The FPA reply was...

"You have now legally threatened the FPA over a 3rd party post containing publicly available information.

You now have 72 hours to permanently and irrevocably lift your legal threat. If you do not do this, your issue will be dealt with like most of the threads here...


Orhan didn't bother to reply, This is the thread he earned.

Maybe it is unfair that FxUnit is permanently tied to Orhans name. Orhan made that connection when he put his own name on the registration. If he had bothered to come to the thread and explain, that would have been the end of it. Instead, he spent more time arguing than it would have taken him to post in the thread.

Now he's got an outstanding legal threat against the FPA for allowing a member to post the fact that Orhan's name is tied to Fxunit. That threat lead to this thread. Failing to get in and discuss the issue with TheManWhoGotScammed has also led to a post mentioning Orhan in this thread...


If Orhan wants to prevent this sort of thing in the future, he needs to not put his name on domains which could easily become the center of controversy. If he's really a professional domainer, he should know this. He also should know that posting simple facts about who is listed in domain registration information is not illegal.

Now he'll know that threatening the FPA with a lawsuit to hide facts is a bad idea.
Hey Bill, looks like some guys never learn... pls check thread - comments below
This Orhan now manages a boiler room associated to illegal trade websites. A step-up in the 'industry' for sure...
Orhan Halebic is a well-known scammer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are dozens of reports of his scamming, and no one knows why this guy is not yet in jail. He was connected to a shady crypto project recently
Orhan Halebic is a well-known scammer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are dozens of reports of his scamming, and no one knows why this guy is not yet in jail. He was connected to a shady crypto project recently
What's the name of the shady crypto project?