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A question about deviation calculation of pairs

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by gognen, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. gognen

    gognen Private

    Feb 9, 2012
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    Hello, I am new to this forum and maybe I am posting this trade on a wrong place, please correct me if I'm wrong. By the way, nice forum and this site is great piece of source of information.

    My question is related to Mr. Henry Liu's and/or Mr. Stavro D'Amore's calculations of deviation. I read Mr. Henry Liu's book, but the problem is that I don't know how he is calculating the Deviation or Surprise Factor and another important factor - how to see which pair is going to be tradable according to the Economic News' releases.

    Thank you in advance

    P.S. Unfortunately I don't have the money to invest in courses offered by Mr. Henry Liu.
  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    Check chapter 25 of Forex Military School. Sive talks about what's involved in figuring out what the minimum deviation is to make specific news events tradeable.

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