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A system that still works. I've seen more systems than most of you. Well, this system works.
You need just select the period of the previous bars, and if the price breaks through it, it means it will make a few pips in this side in future.
You can subscribe to the signal for free: here signal
follow the breakout itself, or use this indicator for a small reward: here indicator

Trades. Profit is low, but stable.
Keep posting the results if you don't mind as more than a month's worth of data is what I'd need to see personally to consider it a working system. Early signs look good though. Monthly ROI going forward and max DD would be welcome too
Deals after 2021.10.06

And one still in loss, but I think EUR go down, so did not closed the positions early.
Need think to find good way out before create an EA.
First of all, I wonder whether this system still works and bring any profits. There are so many strategies which used to bring some money but they survived for less than 6 months. There are no recent updates in those threads so the chances are that they have collapsed. Secondly, I don't like the very idea of trading in order to make only a few pips. This just doesn't seem to be meaningful to me, really. I am fond of trading longer terms.