Ok here we go. I made a deposit with aaafx in February of about $900 after trading ended up with $565 in june so i decide to withdraw funds. when I went to withdraw they told me i had to fill out the bank form to withdraw via wire transfer. So i did and made the withdraw. Here's when the problem starts, 3 days later no funds in my bank account but its shown the withdraw in the history of my aaafx account . so i contact the broker to find out what happened i was told that the funds went to the card. No big deal right, wrong. Here's the problem the card been cancelled since made the deposit in February. So now the Funds are basically gone m.i.a. When asked why did they send the funds to the card when indicated that i wanted the funds sent to my bank account via wire transferred. AAAfx told me that its there policy and there is nothing they can do. so now i'm on my way to the bank to find what's going on. But here is my issue if i said i want the funds sent via wire transfer and and they couldn't then should have contacted me to inform me of the new plans and i would have simply canceled it. STAY AWAY FROM THESE CLOWNS THEY ARE SCAMMERS!
Generally, if you deposit via a card, the broker will want any withdrawals up to that amount to go to the card before letting you use other means.

If they sent money to a card that was no longer valid, the money will come back to the broker. This could take a week or so, depending on the efficiency of the banks involved.

Contact them again. Explain that they just sent the money to an invalid card. Ask them if you need to provide a new card or if they can send via wire. If you get a customer service rep who says "It can only go back to the exact same card", ask him if that means that AAAFX steals money from clients every time a credit card company issues a new card with new numbers. If that doesn't work, ask to speak to a supervisor.

If all else fails, tell them about this thread, leave a 1 star review, and open an FPA Traders Court case.
thank you Pharaoh. i will follow your advice in a week's time i'm so happy that someone answered me especially someone highly respected on FPA as yourself. Thanks again
ok please to say i open my online banking and the funds were there so i take back the whole scamming thing but never the less it could have been avoided if they just told me ahead of time.
I'm glad to hear the money came back. Changing credit cards leading to withdrawal issues is a common problem. Usually a bit of persistence is what's needed to fix these things, since the 1st level support agents at the broker may not have all been trained to deal with complex issues.
see, everything got resolved at the end and it was actually kinda your fault that you did not change your credit card number....i had the same issue with Amazon for certain refunds but i did not go ahead and write everywhere that they are scam or the banks they use are or whatever. man, users like your type just make me puke:( we should be more careful when we write smth to be at least correct.
Are you signed by aaafx and zulutrade(same company!) just to defend both in any open case in FPA?!
Dimohrusafov, don't be so quick to condemn traders. More than one broker has been known to play the "money must go back to the SAME card" card when a credit card gets changed. In some cases, the email or live chat correspondence has been publicly posted and it clearly shows that the 1st tier support agents at the broker were trained improperly about how to deal with these situations.
Dimohrusafov, don't be so quick to condemn traders.

I respectfully submit you may have misinterpreted?
I believe Dimohrusafov was publishing here a derrogatory communication, spoken by his broker; not by him.
It seems he was trying to illustrate their moral depravity, even after the fact.
I too initially had a hard time understanding the intent of Post#6 here. :rolleyes:
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