I am deeply frustrated with AAOption i have been scammed by them they are not giving my withdrawal of 13,250 EUR, which i have deposit and i invested 25123.30 EUR with them. they knew how to mislead and lied to me with all the guarantee paper that they showed me. all i want from them is to withdrawal me the money that i have deposit. i started with 250 EUR after one month my account manage give me a plan structure of 10,000 eur this means if i deposit 10,000 eur, i´ll be paid monthly 5000 eur, which i have deposit. after 3 month he email me saying that he has been promoted and that he will not be working in the office and he will send someone to manage my account.

when my new account manager called me i told him that i am waiting for my monthly paid money he told me that he doest know anything about it and that he has a new plan structure for me. he told me in order for you to withdraw 25123.30 you need to pay us 2500 and thats for the company insurance which will not take more then 10 working days, after 10 working days passed and im still waiting for my withdrawal i tried manys ways to contact him but he does not answer back and when i call the office they always tell me that his busy or not in his office and that he will call me back and he never does and now they blocked my account.

More than that, AAoption is actually not located where they say they are, they are in Israel and all their workers are not even licensed brokers. I have a contact with an Israeli lawyer and about to take actions and prevent them from keep scamming other clients.

If you have been trough the same issue and know you got scammed, contact me, together we can do something!
can you give your contact details please?
I guess we are many, with small or big money the Scam still the same for aaoption who get richer with money of others and run.
I start like you but start to make a security in my bank when a man name Tony remind me that he got my credit card number.
SO I am save for not putting more... Feeling never lies.
but still 290 euros invest and not belong to them


Highly Suspicious Person
Son lo peor de lo peor que ha habido como intermediarios, tratan a sus clientes como corderos, el grado de descaro es enorme. ¡No pongas ni un centavo con ellos!