AAOption scam


Hi all

I need help

I registered with this company a month ago and deposited £1500 (which was my savings) and the promise I could treble it well a month on I have not heard a thing from my so called broker and I have been trying to withdraw my deposit. I have emailed and phone but I just keep getting excuses am now thinking I have been scammed big time.

How can I get my money back ?
First, get screenshots of everything. If they realize you are complaining publicly, at least some brokers will react by blocking you out of the account. Make sure some of the screenshots cover their terms of withdrawals.

Second, how did you deposit? Credit card, bank wire, or something else?

Third, what country are you in?
Good day I need help. I have been scam by AAoption. What do I do. Tony is the biggest scammer at that place. He even sent me a letter to say that may withdraw is approved and that the money from there bank need to be transfer to my bank that was 10 weeks a go. Don't answer my phone calls or emails. Daniel Adems and Claire are all so big liars. What do I do how can a phone to help put this people out of business. I am mad and had it up to here. We are hard working people that need a break. Then you get people like Tony Vega how tell you all this story about his family and brother that have Down syndrome And his mom and his dad how left him. They take not only your money bud your dreams to. I need help please.
Go ahead and invite them to come and join this thread.

How and when did you deposit?
I must agree with you all, AA Option is not playing fairly to say the least. Although I lost £250 by trading both via a robot and manually, I don't blame anyone for that only myself. But their customer service and their agents are horribly bad.

Today one of their agent called Rico Johnson phoned me. I guess he wanted me to invest more, but I told him I'd like to close my account, as I'm not interested in trading anymore. Then he suddenly called me a stupid mother****er and dropped the line. So I sent an email to their Support Team requesting the closure of my account, also informed them about this nice story above. Just look at their response (see attached screenshot below)
I have been scammed for over £15,000 after being asked to invest in their fool proof Hedge Fund Investment scheme.
Avoid at all costs, they are total clever smooth talking scammers.
Count me as another victim of the AAOption Fraud squad. To show you how immoral and heartless these scum bags are (Tom Lewis, Victor Donovan, David Lawrence...probably phony names just as they all are). I was just out of the hospital after heart surgery and I was fooled by these pricks into believing that their (fake) compassion towards my plight was actually sincere. Even as I was without a source of income they actually had no qualms whatsoever to trick me into investing even more funds into their boiler room scam operation. I've been waiting to just get back my deposited funds ($1260 usd) from this AAOption scam but like everyone else reporting here, I just get the same dodgy run around. I won't just sit back and let these scamming vermin pray on me, so I have lodged complaints with VISA Int'l ; CySEC; ActionFraud UK, and more to come, along with public postings such as these to alert other unwitting victims. These guys are smooth as silk and very persuasive...true "CON"(fidence) men. They are heartless and soulless creeps so all are well forewarned to stay the hell clear of them! AAOption is a scam and GTOptions is another scam operation to avoid as well...the same (scamming) Modus Operandi there!