Abandoned Complaint. Justforex.com cleaned my account without notice

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Rugene Ferris

Welcome to a broker called justforex.com first 2 months sunshine and rainbows there after they just took all my profit and gave me a mail stating I am doing fraudulent activities, and without notice all I had was gone. They clearly indicate that they dont have any restrictions on trading but thats a lie they do that to attract clients, the bonus once you use it you can use proper risk management on it while trading news your account will be on zero once opened.. Its like you gave them your hard earn money, the spread can be manipulated from normal which is 1.2 pips to 9 with a maximum of 12 pips of spread once trading news.. This is not an ideal broker for investors you will think your money is secured you dont have to withdraw next thing when you request a withdrawal they cancel it and send you a mail stating fraudulent activities with all your money gone. Please do not use this broker my personal opinion to all Its my first time writing a review, I had to cause Justforex just ruin my trading career. :-(


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Dear Rugene!
I have contacted the security department to investigate your case. Based on information received, you have been detected in fraud activity. Regarding the situation that you have described here, the negative balance appeared on your account. Since we value our clients, we have the negative balance protection, which basically means that in case your account gets in minus due to fast movement on the market, we correct the result to make it 0. However, in case the function of the negative balance protection is used in the fraud activity, the company has the right to apply actions according to the client agreement. You have used this benefit in a fraud way, according to the client agreement we have the right to eliminate the negative balance by applying funds from other account(s) held by the client. This is the reason certain sum of funds was debited from your trading account.
@Rugene Ferris can you clarify in one line what you are accusing the company of doing??

What dates/times did the wrongdoing occur?

Can you post a complete acct history so that we can get a better understanding of the timeline?
same thing with my account. these scammers had debited my deposit + profits since 2019 from 15000 to 0
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